O'Neal Trade: The End of the Shaq-Dwyane Wade Debacle

OTR BasketballContributor IFebruary 6, 2008

You really start to wonder why people hate on Kobe Bryant so much.

Why can't they credit him the same amount they do Shaq and Phil for those rings?

Because they are so brainwashed by the duo of Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O'Neal—which, thank the Lord, is no more.

It's always the same thing...

"Durrr...I uh, saw Shaq dunk on the DPOY man. It's easy to pass the ball to Shaq and watch him beat teams.

"Kobe didn't play defense, either. Shaq did. Shaq scored 90 points a game, and held the team to 80 or so and everyone was afraid of him.

"And like, he hits his free throws when it counts. Kobe ran him out, too. Kobe is never going to win a ring again. And yeah, Shaq is my father and the Suns are going to win 73 games next season because he will make it all better, and the reason we got swept against the Bulls was because Wade was hurt, even though he averaged the same numbers he did against them the previous playoff series, OMLORD."

"And you can't say a word about Wade's free throws, because...

"Say Wade makes 10/11 of his free throws (shooting 90-plus percent, mind you) and you subtract from his average and take the derivative from Game 3, minus the five times he falls, getting up six and hitting the rim on three of four jumpers in the first half. 

"Add that to his average of 32.54 minutes per game and factor in the points he would've scored if it wasn't for the temperature in the building at that time, minus maybe one bogus call a game, and you get Wade's average of 39 points a game, which is better than all."

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