UFC 136 Fight Card: Jose Aldo vs Kenny Florian Head-to-Toe Breakdown

Brandon ChillingworthCorrespondent IIOctober 7, 2011

UFC 136 Fight Card: Jose Aldo vs Kenny Florian Head-to-Toe Breakdown

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    Jose Aldo is defending his featherweight championship this Saturday in Houston, Texas against Kenny Florian. Florian is in his second fight at featherweight, and will face a big step up in competition against the Brazilian knockout artist. This will be an entertaining fight, and has big implications for the loser.

    Florian's first fight at featherweight was against Diego Nunes, and KenFlo was able to grind out a decision. He looked good at 145, and proved that it's a weight he can hang at.

    Jose Aldo won the belt back at WEC 44, and hasn't looked back. He's catapulted himself up the pound-for-pound rankings, while destroying everyone put in front of him.

    At UFC 136 this is on the card as the co-main event, but it could turn out to be the biggest fight of the night.


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    Advantage: Kenny Florian

    Kenny Florian made his drop to featherweight recently,and that marks the third time that he's moved down in weight. He was on the original Ultimate Fighter, and fought as a middleweight.

    Both fighters will weigh in at 145 pounds, but Florian has the bigger frame. He stands at 5'10'', and has a reach of 74 inches. His reach is four inches longer than Aldo's.

    Jose Aldo is only 5'7'', and usually tries to fight inside. If Florian wants to win, he will have to stay at a distance and use his reach to negate Aldo's striking ability.


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    Advantage: Jose Aldo

    Jose Aldo is one of the few featherweights that has the ability to end fights with KO's and TKO's. He's an aggressive finisher with the ability to knock fighters out with his hands, knees or legs.

    Florian will have to watch out for all of Aldo's strikes, as any one has the ability to end the fight. If Kenny gets hit, he will have to recover fast, or his night will be over early.


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    Advantage: Jose Aldo

    Jose Aldo has blazing hand and foot speed. There is no fighter in the entire division that can equal his quickness.

    His footwork is also very quick, and he's great at getting inside and ripping shots fast.

    Aldo has incredibly deadly combinations. He's a master at mixing kicks and punches to the legs, body and head. Jose makes it almost impossible to block or check all of his shots.

    Florian will have to be very sharp if he's going to negate this incredible attribute.


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    Advantage: Kenny Florian

    KenFlo is one of the smartest fighters in the UFC. His lack of elite physical attributes are covered up by his intelligence and superb game-planning.

    Jose Aldo steps in the octagon and just tries to knock out anybody in front of him. It works for him, but it sure isn't the most intelligent way to win fights.

    Florian will have studied a lot of film in preparation for this fight, and will have a plan in place to beat the champion. 

Muay Thai and Kickboxing

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    Advantage: Jose Aldo

    Kenny Florian has great Muay Thai, and some of the best elbows in the UFC. He throws good strikes, and is sharp with combinations. He has some of the best Muay Thai striking in the featherweight division.

    Unfortunately for Florian, he's fighting the guy who has the best Muay Thai in the division. Jose Aldo is a monster. His legs kicks are super-powerful, and his knees are the best in all of MMA.

    Aldo has the rare ability to throw flying knees effectively in fights. Aldo will come out looking to bang with his big kicks, elbows and knees. 


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    Advantage: Push

    Both fighters are good boxers. They will be relatively even in this fight when it comes to their boxing skill levels. They both have unique styles and abilities that will prove to be an interesting dynamic in this fight.

    Jose Aldo is much more of a power-puncher. He throws hard hooks, straight punches and has deadly uppercuts when he gets in close. His combinations are sharp, and his defense is good as well.

    Florian is more technical when it comes to his boxing. He has a very good jab that's getting better every time we see him in the ring. He will have to use it well, and if he does, it could dictate the pace of the fight. He isn't as much of a combo puncher, but does have the ability to land shots in succession.

Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling

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    Advantage: Kenny Florian

    Florian is very good in the clinch and on the ground. He used his Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling in his last fight to beat Diego Nunes.

    When he's on his game, Florian can dictate the pace of the fight and stifle opponents. He's a very solid grinder, and is frustrating when he has an advantageous position.

    The fight needs to stay in the clinch or on the ground if Florian is going to win. He will have to grind out a victory, and keep the champion in a place where his striking speed and power count for nothing.


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    As far as skill sets go, these two are evenly matched. They each have disciplines which they excel in, and it will be a chess match to see who can take over.

    If Florian wins, it will mark the first time the UFC veteran has managed to win a title fight. Florian has worked very hard in multiple weight classes to try and obtain UFC gold. 

    Jose Aldo is on the verge of achieving immortality. By that, I mean he's close to the point where people think he (see: GSP, Anderson Silva).

    I personally think Aldo will win this one early with a knockout. Florian was rocked twice by Diego Nunes, but he couldn't finish. Aldo rarely has that problem.

    With that said, anything can happen. We love the UFC because at any given time any fighter can pull off a stunning upset.