Stephanie McMahon: Exact Answer For Raw!

James TurnerCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2008

I've felt anxious to write an article for awhile now but needed to come with the right article. Not only the right article, but the right timing for me to write a good article on what I'm finding a definite answer to. The problems with the WWE Raw may finally taken an upside.

I'll just come out and say it now. Stephanie McMahon was exactly what Raw needed to make it into a major success. I can tell you that the ratings for next week's three-hour Slammy Award Special will be something to remember. This Raw is perfect timing because it gives Raw its own Pay Per View.

This is actually like Raw's first PPV in a very long time. Whoever is watching Raw right now who think they know their wrestling need to understand what's about to happen. Monday Night Raw is much watch TV again. I know that Panthers vs. Buccanneers is going to be a great game to watch, I can't see myself actually witnessing six main events on one episode of Raw.

Let's start with the mid card main events. Kofi Kingston vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. That's going to be a really good match, especially that both of these wrestlers are faces to the crowd. Although Mysterio receives huger pops from the audience than Kingston does. There aren't too many feeling Kofi Kingston just yet.

This will be a very good match because this is the first time Mysterio and Kingston will ever face each other. They both have contrasting styles and they're both fast pace and agile. I think Kingston is more agile than Mysterio personally. This match should start off Raw too. That would be nice match to open up Raw with. I see Mysterio pulling this one out.

We then have CM Punk vs. John Morrison, which will probably go for match of the night. Punk, former World Heavyweight champion, now tag team champ. An Intercontinetal Title run will make CM Punk a serious candidate for most improve wrestler in the WWE. I'm actually pulling for Punk in this match too.

He will beat John Morrison and go into the finals with Rey Mysterio. That will be a good PPV match and have the winner fight Regal that same night for the Intercontinetal Title.

Now we head into the three main events. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho. I don't know why I feel this will be the match of the night. Damn, I cannot miss this Raw man. I see Jericho pulling this one out. He has to keep that momentum going. The only way he loses this match is because of a Cena interference which may actually happen. I'm calling these matches as if they were all clean victories.

Batista vs. Triple H should be a bruising physical match. Another great match its going to be because they are two former World Heavyweight Champions who just lost their belts in the last month. So they're both still angry for those title loses and ready to take out anybody in their path. Now they're going to have to take out each other.

Then, how can we forget how they are Evolution members and still really good friends. HHH would like to win this one badly because he lost all three of his battles to Batista. Honestly, this the only match that may end in DQ. I see Orton interfering with Rhodes and Manu but HHH and Batista fight them off.

Now my favorite match of the night, World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs. WWE Champion, Edge. I'm going to enjoy this match because I love to see John Cena wrestle. Despite how much people hate on him, he puts on some really good matches. And I love his entrance. Have to give the man his respect.

Only thing about that is that I'm pulling for Edge in this match. Edge is still my current favorite wrestler in WWE. He knows how to seize the opportunity, gets great heat from the crowd, and he has two of my favorite songs. Both of those songs are Edge and Christian's theme when they were coming out of the crowd and his current one. I can play that song every morning and not get tired of it.

Anyways, enough with the kissing ass, I'm giving these two wrestlers their respect. Edge and John Cena deserved their props and their respect more than anyone in the WWE. That's just my personal opinion. Edge and Cena has had my respect since day one they both entered the WWE. I knew Edge would be on top sooner or later. And he's there so I'm proud of him. As for the match, let's go Edge.

Next week's Three-hour Slammy Award edition of Raw should be perhaps the greatest Raw of 2008. I'm calling it in advance. Then, the matches are all going to live to their standards. Who's going to win these matches? Who's going to go home with superstar of the year? My vote would be going to Edge just because I don't remember HBK name being mention as top wrestler.

Shawn Michaels would get my pick because he put on probably the most emotional match of all 2008 when he retired Ric Flair. That's a very good moment and memory we will never forget. All hail HBK! One of the ten greatest to have put on wrestling boots. Enough said. Let's get it in McMahons. Big ups to Stephanie too. I really feel like the role she is playing and her ideas are probably some of her own. Vince would let Stephanie of all people create some storylines for the company. Wouldn't he?