Dolphins-Bills: Showdown in Canada

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2008

Who's ready for some Canadian-American Football? I sure am! The Dolphins are in the thick of the playoff hunt this year and every game matters as we go into the homestretch. 

Even though Buffalo is struggling as of late and JP Losman may be starting instead of Trent Edwards next Sunday, it is crucial the the Dolphins take control early and don't allow Lee Evans or Roscoe Parrish to break out.

Marshawn Lynch also needs to be contained too for obvious reasons. 

Tony Sparano in last Friday's practice got after Ricky Williams for having his socks at uneven height.

"Details win games," Sparano said.

That means saying "Make a tackle" or "No turnovers" isn't enough. The execution must be correct down to the tiniest details like running an precise route or getting your blocking assignments perfectly to open up the hole for the runner.

It means staying in your lane and making the special teams tackle to prevent a big run back. There are finer details that could be gone into, as well. The key matchups in this game will be:

1. Miami secondary vs. Lee Evans and Roscoe Parrish: Two big play makers, must keep inventory on them at all times.

2. Miami line vs. Buffalo Line: Games are won and lost in the trenches, enough said.

3. Linebackers vs. Marshawn Lynch: Wrap up and bring him down at all costs, don't allow for any extra yardage.

4. Cover team vs. Return team: Stay in your lane and don't allow field position.

Hopefully the Dolphins will follow these guidelines and won't overlook the other match ups in this game. Perhaps this isn't just a game anymore, the Dolphins are serious contenders now. Go PHINS!