WWE News: Exploit Puts Nude Photo of Ex-Diva Tiffany on WWE.com, Leads to Chaos

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistOctober 5, 2011

The upload that started the chain of events that led to WWELiveTour.com being pulled offline.
The upload that started the chain of events that led to WWELiveTour.com being pulled offline.

Well, this is odd.

For a little while this morning, a nude photo of former WWE Diva Taryn "Tiffany" Tyrell (the ex-wife of current WWE wrestler Drew McIntyre) from her Playboy modeling days showed up as the newest image in the live event photos gallery of WWELiveTour.com. It was soon deleted.

The idea is for fans to upload photos they've taken at WWE live events. To test if what happened was due to hacking or the user uploads not being moderated, I uploaded the above censored screen shot from when the Tyrell photo was present. It showed up in the gallery right away.

It appears that someone realized that the gallery isn't moderated and uploaded the photo. When that got attention, other fans started entertaining themselves with some creative uploads.

It appears that one fan uploaded a trio of photos in reverse order so that when someone visited the gallery they would see the following tell a story:

  1. The infamous still of Joanie "Chyna" Lauer's genitalia from her sex tape with Sean "X-Pac" Waltman
  2. TNA Impact Wrestling play by play announcer Mike Tenay and former color commentator Don West looking on at something approvingly.
  3. A photo of The Miz with "I'd fap to that" emblazoned on it in a sans serif font akin to "LOLcat" style images.

They were deleted a few minutes later. After another fan uploaded a not completely inappropriate but still not necessarily safe for work photo of Trish Stratus, the themed series of photos showed up again.

A few minutes after that, the entire WWELiveTour.com site was pulled. For now, it redirects to the regular WWE.com site.

It seems like WWE blocked the IP addresses of offending uploaders, as I got "403 forbidden" and later "404 not found" errors when trying to go to WWELiveTour.com. Using a web proxy to obscure my IP address, I got the redirect to WWE.com.

It looks like we have a new candidate for my WWE.com's worst mistakes list. Who designs a website like that and doesn't review the photos first, especially in a company as obsessed with control as WWE?