Week 14 Power Rankings

Benjy MillerContributor IDecember 1, 2008

Have you ever wondered how your team ranks between all the teams?

These are my power rankings through Week 13.


1. Tennessee Titans: 11-1 (*)

The Titans are the best team in football. They explode with rushing and have solid passing to back it up.


2. New York Giants: 11-1 (*)

The defending Super Bowl champions look great this year and have only lost to the Browns. 


3. Pittsburgh Steelers: 9-3 (*)

The Pittsburgh Steelers look like a team who can win the Superbowl this year having great passing, rushing, and defense.


4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 9-3 (*)

The Buccaneers look as if they may win the NFC South this year. Next game is a must win for them to stay in first.


5. Carolina Panthers: 9-3 (W)

Great passing and rushing is what has kept this team in the running for NFC South champion this year. Must win against the Bucs next week.


6. New York Jets: 8-4 (*)

The Jets look solid this year. Brett Favre has adjusted well, and the Jets may win the AFC East.


7. Atlanta Falcons: 8-4 (W)

Wow, what a season. Matt Ryan and the Falcons are making a statement, proving they have changed a lot since their 4-12 season last year.


8. Dallas Cowboys: 8-4 (W)

The Cowboys looked like they were falling earlier this season. But Tony Romo came through and the Cowboys hope for an NFC East championship, or at least a wild-card spot.


9. Indianapolis Colts: 8-4 (W)

They started the year off badly. But they now have a five-game winning streak going into two games where they should win.


10. Baltimore Ravens: 8-4 (W)

The Ravens started the season at 2-3. They are turning that around by winning six out of their last seven games.


11. Washington Redskins: 7-5 (W)

Usually, around this time of year the Redskins are in last place. Not this year, they have been proving that they are not the weakest in the NFC East.


12. Miami Dolphins: 7-5 (W)

Wow, what a great season for the Dolphins. After coming off a 1-15 season last year, the Dolphins have really turned things around.


13. New England Patriots: 7-5 (W)

Matt Cassell could possibly be the best quarterback in the league at this time. Proving they don't need Brady to have a winning season, the Patriots just hope for a playoff spot.


14. Denver Broncos: 7-5 (*)

Yes, the Broncos lose games they shouldn't and win games they shouldn't, but they control the AFC West by three games and things are looking good for them.


15. Arizona Cardinals: 7-5 (*)

All they need is a win or a San Francisco loss to clinch the NFC West. Kurt Warner is having a fantastic season and they should clinch.


16. Minnesota Vikings: 7-5 (*)

Coming off of a huge win against the Bears, the Vikings now control the NFC North.


17. Philadelphia Eagles: 6-5-1 (W)

The Eagles need Westbrook in order to win their games. If the Eagles can win their next game against the Giants, I believe they can make a wild-card spot.


18. New Orleans Saints: 6-6 (W)

Brees and the Saints need to win the rest of their games for a spot in the playoffs.


19. Buffalo Bills: 6-6 (W)

All that the Bills need to do in order to clinch is to win the rest of their games and hope the Patriots, Dolphins, and Jets lose. It can happen.


20. Chicago Bears: 6-6 (W)

Two-hundred-and-five attempts without an interception for Orton. Then he throws three interceptions. The Bears had the lead early in the game against the Vikings, but they blew it. It seems like they do that a lot. They still have a shot at winning the NFC North though.


21. Green Bay Packers: 5-7 (W)

I believe in Aaron Rodgers! Everyone is going to need to believe in him for the Packers to come through with an NFC North title.


22. Houston Texans: 5-7 (W)

All they need now is a miracle. Coming off a key win at home against the Jaguars, all the Texans need to do to even hope for a playoff spot is win and hope that everyone else loses. It's a long shot, but it just might happen.


23. San Francisco 49ers: 4-8 (W)

If they win the rest of their games and the Cardinals lose the rest of theirs, they have found themselves a playoff spot as NFC West champion.


24. San Diego Chargers: 4-8 (W)

If they win the rest of their games and the Broncos lose the rest of theirs, they will go to the playoffs as AFC West champion.


25. Cleveland Browns: 4-8 (O)

Yea, they have no shot at the playoffs, but hey, they beat the Giants.


26. Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-8 (O)

All is lost after a loss to the Houston Texans. 


27. Oakland Raiders: 3-9 (O)

They have no shot at the playoffs. But they helped the Chargers out by defeating Denver two weeks ago.


28. Kansas City Chiefs: 2-10 (O)

Yes, they could possibly be the worst team in the AFC, but at least they won two.


29. Seattle Seahawks: 2-10 (O)

Having only beaten two of the worst teams in the NFC, the Seahawks better start preparing for next season.


30. St. Louis Rams: 2-10 (O)

St. Louis tends to be very streaky. Lose four, win two, lose six... Who knows, maybe they'll put together a better team next year and at least have a winning season.


31. Cincinnati Bengals: 1-10-1 (O)

The Bengals are having a horrid season this year. It looks as though they're records have been dropping ever since winning the AFC North in '05.


32. Detroit Lions: 0-12 (O)

What a shocker. The Detroit Lions are the worst team in football. They may become the NFL's first 0-16 team. With their remaining schedule, Lion's fans need to cheer their team on extra hard! 


Key- (*) = division leader, (W) = has a chance, (O) = out


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