ESPN Body Issue: First Look at Hope Solo, Gretchen Bleiler and 2011 Photos

Alex Kay@AlexPKayCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2011

ESPN Body Issue: First Look at Hope Solo, Gretchen Bleiler and 2011 Photos

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    ESPN has issued some preview photos up of their third edition of the Body Issue of ESPN The Magazine.

    They are quite interesting, to say the least, and very revealing.

    The piece is entitled “Bodies We Want 2011” with stars like Apolo Anton Ohno, Gretchen Bleiler, Alicia Sacramone and Steven Jackson all appearing in the nude with artistic covering.

    Click on to see some of the preview shots of these athletes.

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Gretchen Bleiler

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    Gretchen Bleiler is a pro snowboarder who won a silver medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, and will be one of the four cover athletes for this edition.

    According to USA Today, Bleiler's pleased with her risque photo shoot. "I wanted that bad-ass vibe. I didn't want soft and cute and sexy," she says in an interview.

    She definitely looks pretty ‘bad-ass’ in her photos. 

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Alicia Sacramone

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    Alicia Sacramone is a gold medal-winning gymnast who competes for Team USA and definitely shows off some of her skills in this ESPN The Magazine issue.

    She gained popularity during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and will certainly resurface in the public conversation when this issue hits newsstands.

    Quite an interesting shot of her doing what she does best on the bar, just without the normal uniform. 

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Apolo Anton Ohno

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    Apolo Anton Ohno is perhaps the most famous American speed skater in history and the most decorated of all American Olympic Winter athletes. 

    Ohno has appeared on 'Dancing with the Stars,' and has raised his profile even higher now that he is appearing in this magazine spread.

    You can see him here in Olympic form without the skates and speed skating suit he usually dons on the ice.

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Julie Chu

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    Julie Chu is a forward on the U.S. Women's Ice Hockey team and competes with the team in all major international competitions.

    She has four gold medals in the Women's World Championships and two silvers and a bronze in Olympic competition.

    Chu is a graduate of Harvard and a very smart and strong woman. 

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Sylvia Fowles

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    Fowles stands at an incredible 6-foot-6 feet tall and you can see her entire frame sprawled out on some rocks amongst a beautiful mountain scene in her ESPN The Magazine spread.

    This WNBA star plays for the Chicago Sky and was the third woman to dunk the league. 

    Like many other athletes on this list, she has earned a gold medal with the U.S. National Team and really takes pride in her country as well as her body. 

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Stephanie Gilmore

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    This Aussie Pro surfer is stretching out her long 5-foot-10 frame on a lounge chair in some gravel.

    Interesting locale for a girl who spends most of her time in the water. 

    She's been a world champion in her sport in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 so she definitely is serious about her career.

    She's also quite serious about her body. 

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Suzy Hotrod

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    Suzy Hotrod is hoping to raise awareness of roller derby by appearing with just her skates on in the magazine.

    The Examiner writes,

    "Does she believe this will bring some attention to roller derby from those who are not already fans? 'Yes, of course. I can't wait to see what happens next.,' says Suzy."

    It certainly will cause some people to look up who exactly she is and what she does. 

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Jon 'Bones' Jones

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    Bones Jones is the youngest UFC champion in history, claiming the title after just four months of professional fighting at the age of 24.

    Luckily, Jones has the longest reach in the UFC and it certainly is going to good use here.

    Jones stands at a ridiculous 6-foot-4 and has used his build to conquer and defend his light heavyweight belt.

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Jose Reyes

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    Reyes is going to be another one of the cover athletes for this issue and the Mets' shortstop must be proud.

    He's obviously in shape as he is constantly among the MLB leaders in triples and steals and won the batting title this year.

    That is certainly a testament to his ability to stay fit.

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Ryan Kesler

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    Vancouver Canucks' forward Ryan Kesler has no qualms with stripping down.

    According to, the hockey player posed in nothing but his underwear for the Vancouver Sun last year. 

    He's also been the cover athlete for NHL2K11 and is certainly not shy of the camera. 

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Ryan Hall

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    Ryan Hall is no stranger to running through forests, as he grew up in Big Bear Lake, California.

    He holds the U.S. record for a half marathon time and is the first runner to do it in less than an hour from this country.

    Running for such long distances is obviously how he stays in shape.

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Blake Griffin

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    Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers looks like he's about to dunk, without a basketball or a uniform. 

    He has made a name for himself in the NBA throwing down monstrous alley-oops and being a force on the defensive end.

    It's no secret that his frame is a big reason he is able to do all of this. 

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Jeremy Campbell

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    Campbell is a U.S. Paralympic athlete who brought home two golds in the 2008 Beijing Summer events.

    His brother is NFL player and U.S. Army Lt. Caleb Campbell.

    The family is obviously a very patriotic one and certainly proud. 

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Nastasha Hastings

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    Nastasha Hastings is a 25-year-old American sprinter whom has Jamaican and Trinidadian ancestry.

    She is a star on our national team's 4x400 relay and you can see her great form off the block here.

    She is an incredible athlete and has made our country proud.

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Helio Castroneves

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    Helio Castroneves is a Brazilian autoracer who competes in the IndyCar Series here in the States.

    He is another Dancing with the Stars alumni and gained much popularity by winning the fifth season.

    Castroneves is one of only nine drivers to win the Indianapolis 500 three times and obviously enjoys hanging out on tire swings in his free time. 

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Steven Jackson

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    Steven Jackson has been plowing over tacklers as the St. Louis Rams RB since 2004 and obviously to last this long in the league you need to be strong.

    Jackson is a ridiculous 6-foot-2, 240-pound bruising running back and he shows off that frame here.

    Hopefully for the Rams, the oft-injured Jackson didn't take too long from training for these shots. 

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Kelly Kulick

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    Kelly Kulick is a trailblazer who wasn't afraid to compete on the regular PBA tour.

    Despite the challenge, she became the first woman to win a tour title, winning the 2010 Tournament of Champions.

    Kulick isn't afraid to compete in what is traditionally thought of as a sport for men without sacrificing her femininity.

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Sergio Martinez

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    Sergio Martinez is an Argentine professional boxer and a current World Middleweight Champion.

    He has a career record of 48-2 and is thought of as the third best boxer, pound for pound, after Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

    He looks ready to fight in his ESPN the Magazine photo, something Pacquiao and Mayweather refuse to do. 

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Belen Mozo

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    Belen Mozo is a rookie LPGA tour player and she is certain to burst onto the scene quickly, especially after this issue hits newsstands.

    She is a 22-year-old woman from Cadiz, a city on the beach in the south of Spain.

    Mozo played golf on scholarship at the University of Southern California.

    Unfortunately for everyone else, she met her boyfriend there

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Hope Solo

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    Hope Solo obviously has no shame in her body.

    She bravely put herself out on the the cover of the magazine and this will certainly increase her star power.

    She became a darling for America after leading the nation to the Women's World Cup final and is appearing on Dancing with the Stars.

    Hopefully, Solo won't let her goalkeeping skills diminish because of all of this off-the-pitch activity.

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