Tony Parker: Spurs PG Shocks World by Heading to France During NBA Lockout

T.J. McaloonCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2017

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 17:  Tony Parker of France is challenged by Matthew Dellavedova of Australia during the London Prepares Series match between France and Australia at the Basketball Arena on August 17, 2011 in London, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)
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Tony Parker's announcement of his intentions to play in his home country of France during the NBA Lockout for a little less than $2,000 dollars a month is a sign that the NBA Lockout is still far from being resolved.  

First it was New Jersey Nets point guard Darren Williams announcing that he was going to leave the United States to play in Turkey during the lockout. Then it was Ron....I mean Metta World Peace making plans to play in England. Utah Jazz’s forward Andre Kirilenko signed a three-year deal with CSKA Moscow. 

Now with Parker’s announcement of his intentions to play in the French Pro A with ASVEL instead of waiting around for his San Antonio Spurs team is a sign that he doesn’t believe that the players and owners are anywhere near coming to an agreement.  

Parker will make his debut against Paris-Levallois after missing the team’s first game against Roanne.  

Parker confirmed the signing at a press conference on Tuesday, saying, “'Today I can say that I signed with ASVEL for the lockout period. I took my decision on Monday. For me it is a big honor to return to France, and it is a logical choice to play for ASVEL.”  

Parker had other offers to play in other countries but said, “'I had a rich offer from China and an important one from Barcelona, but I said since the beginning I would have played just in France.” 

The Williams signing was big; however, Parker is the first superstar to take his talents elsewhere during this lockout. He is a three-time NBA Champion, three-time All-Star, and an NBA Finals MVP in 2007.  

The Parker signing is a huge knock against the NBA Players staying together during the Lockout. But, this will get swept under the rug if Kobe Bryant, one of the most popular NBA Players ever, signs with the Italian Club Virtus Bologna.  

The two camps, Bryant’s and Bologna’s, have worked day and night trying to get Bryant signed to a $3 million 10-game deal with the club.  

First it was Williams, then World Peace, now Kirilenko... who knows who else is going to leave the NBA for Europe, Turkey, Russia, or Asia?  

It looks like the Titanic that is the NBA is sinking as all the passengers, in this case players, are falling off the ship as it breaks apart in the cold waters of the lockout. 

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