Yankees Or Cowboys: Either Way, You're a Bandwagon Fan!

John C. Sease, Jr.Correspondent IDecember 1, 2008

The Bleacher Report exists because there are avid and passionate sports fans throughout the country.

I would categorize my sports enthusiasm with the majority of sports fans by saying that I root for teams to which I have an alliance or teams that caught my interest as a child.

My favorite college sports teams are anything related to the Kansas Jayhawks; since I am an alumnus.

Although I was raised in New Jersey, my favorite NFL team has always been the Denver Broncos.  As a child, I was a huge fan of Haven Moses, Floyd Little, and Otis Armstrong.  Therefore, my fanaticism was born under that premise.

That being said, I believe that most people become fans under similar circumstances; therefore, it is safe to say that most sports fans are honest and true to their fanaticism as it pertains to their favorite team.

However, there is one exception to my theory.

Whenever I am in mixed company and the topic of sport arises, I cringe as soon as I hear anyone proclaim to be either a New York Yankees fan or Dallas Cowboys fan.

The reason is simple: Anyone proclaiming to be a fan of either team is simply a 'bandwagon fan' that has been brainwashed to believe that these two franchises are 'America’s' teams.

Unless you are from the Bronx or from Dallas, what sane person would root for these self-absorbed, self-praising, and over-hyped teams?

Let’s face it, most people residing in other states (that are also fans of teams from other states) usually are true fans. 

For instance, if you see a person from Boston wearing a 49’ers jersey, then you could deduct that the person is a true fan of the 49’ers because there is no false pretense involved in the admiration of the team.

However, when you see people wearing Yankees garb or Cowboys garb in other cities, it is usually because they have inevitably hopped on the bandwagon.  They have proclaimed themselves Yankees or Cowboys fans because everyone else has done the same. 

The bandwagon has made it fashionable and chic to wear the blue star or the blue pinstripes.  Therefore, the fanaticism is born under false pretense; not from the love of the team.

Unfortunately, the only proof to support my theory is my younger sister, a few friends, and the countless 'out-of-towners' I encounter while playing poker in Atlantic City. 

You know the routine of these bandwagon fans.  They all proudly don their Cowboys or Yankees gear and boastfully tout how great these squads have been.  

However, if you ask any of the aforementioned why they love the Cowboys or Yankees, the closest thing you will get to an answer is a blank stare.  The stare will always be followed by: “Uh...because I’ve always liked them!”

Now, I am not saying that all fans of these franchises are frauds.  I am simply stating the majority of the fans that root for these teams do so because of what the franchises’ popularity represents to the nation as opposed to whether or not they truly like the team.

The next thing you’ll begin hearing from these bandwagon fans is how much they like 'Madrid Real.'  However, it won’t be because they really care for soccer, it will be because of the popularity of 'Madrid Real.'

Bandwagon Fans: you gotta’ love em’!