Ladies and Gentlemen: The New and Improved NBA All-Star Weekend

Ryan CallahanAnalyst IDecember 1, 2008

In recent years, the NBA All-Star weekend has just not been fun to watch. That is why I have three additions which will spice things up for this year. Take it or leave it David Stern, but these three will definitely attract viewers and boost ratings.


Basketball needs to return to its roots. Why not a good old game of HORSE?

Players will try the most ridiculous shots, such as half court shots, etc., that it will make it so much more entertaining than the three-point contest.

It will answer the question: Who is the best shooter in the NBA?

The field this year will include Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, Tony Parker, Delonte West, Steve Nash, and Derrick Rose (just to throw in a rookie). If you say that you wouldn't watch this, you are lying to yourself.



Another original playground game, the NBA version would be faster and better. The starting point should be the three-point line instead of the foul line.

This years participants: Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, O.J. Mayo, Joe Johnson, Kevin Durant, Brandon Roy, and Sam Cassell (someone needs to be out first).



The marquee event of this year's NBA All-Star Weekend—the 1-on-1 competition. It should consist of just a few very hyped-up matchups, such as boxing matchups.

Just a few suggestions—LeBron vs. Carmelo, CP3 vs. D-Will, Devin Harris vs. Tony Parker, Paul Pierce vs. Vince Carter.

Rookie Chris Douglas-Roberts claimed before the draft that he has never lost a game of 1-on-1. Other rookies will all get a shot at CDR: O.J. Mayo, Derrick Rose, Rudy Fernandez, D.J. Augustin, anyone.

Imagine the possibilities...