Warriors-Heat: Live In-Game Blog

D WizzleSenior Analyst IDecember 1, 2008

The game will begin in 10 minutes. I predict a Heat victory.

Stephen Jackson is back for the Warriors but he alone won't be able to stop the losing streak. This is the Warriors' first game back from a five-game road trip to the East Coast. Teams usually don't fare very well coming off a long road trip. It will also be their fifth game in seven nights.

The Warriors probably should not have signed Corey Maggette. He is a ball-hog and not a good go-to player for a team. He may put up a lot of points, but I don't think Maggette has ever hit a game-winning shot in his NBA or college career. He also doesn't play any defense at all.

Don Nelson told the media that the Warriors won't make the playoffs. The fans in the Bay Area don't need the head coach to tell them that. This team does not play defense and will be lucky to win over 30 games.


First Quarter

We are underway and the Heat are up 4-0. The Warriors are playing no defense once again.

Heat are up 11-8. Kelenna Azuibuke is out tonight for the Warriors with an apparent injury.

Mario Chalmers is the starting point guard for the Heat. He is a rookie and second round draft pick from Kansas. He has been playing well alongside Dwyane Wade in the backcourt.

The game is now tied at 19 apiece. Wade just dunked on Brandan Wright, and then Maggette got the ball on a fast break and missed a dunk. I bet the fans in the Bay Area wished that Maggette was still playing for the lowly Clippers.

It is 30-27 Heat at the end of the first quarter. Wade and Udonis Haslem lead the Heat with eight points apiece. Jamal Crawford has nine for the Warriors.


Second Quarter

Ronny Turiaf is in the game now for the Warriors. He just jacked up a jumper and missed as expected. This guy can't make a jumper at all.

Anthony Randolph is getting some playing time now.

Heat coach Erik Spolestra is the youngest coach in the NBA at age 38.

35-32 Heat with 9:19 left until halftime.

Wade is on the bench.

64-60 at halftime. Warriors are up but I expect the Heat to play better defense in the second half and prevail.