The Problem With Boise State

D. WalkerAnalyst IDecember 1, 2008

The problem with Boise State and the BCS bowl picture? 

Just look at the schedule. Yes, Boise State beat a tough Oregon team in Eugene...but who else was on the schedule? 

BSU should be considered ahead of Ohio State?  Forget it.  Never will happen. 

Until BSU takes on Fresno State's "anyone, anywhere" attitude, the Broncos will not be considered. When you play but one real solid BCS school, even an undefeated season won't pack it. 

How would BSU have done in the Pac-10 this year? 

To listen to the die-hard Bronco fan, you'd think they would have been in the Rose Bowl.  But, really, would the Broncos have beaten USC?  Oregon State in Corvallis?  Cal?  UCLA?  Arizona or ASU? 

Would they even be considered in the Top 10 with a Pac-10 schedule?  No, unless they would have beaten the aforementioned schools. 

Sure, in Boise they have a chance to beat just about any school on any given day.  Remember the University of Washington in Seattle last year?  What was the Huskies' record last year? 

What about when Boise has played the 'big boys?'  Disregarding the Oklahoma victory in the Fiesta Bowl, they have not done well.  Remember Georgia a couple of years ago?

Of course, the Bronco fans would like to forget that one!

Yes, BSU has one hell of a program. Could they compete year in, and year out with the more prominent BSC schools?  Nobody knows.  That's a fact. 

If they did play at least one more (if not two) BCS schools a year, perhaps their fans could argue their position.  But until they do, they will forever be passed over when it comes to the BCS bowl picture. 

Have a little heart BSU fans! 

Ask your athletic director to put up a schedule that will put you in a position to argue the facts.  Until then...well, just be happy with an unbeaten schedule, I guess.