WWE Superstar Discussion: Triple H as COO, Awesome Truth, CM Punk and More

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIOctober 5, 2011

Hey guys, welcome to another edition of WWE Superstar Discussion. As with all of my discussions, this is a way to start conversation and for me to find out what you guys like in the WWE.

Let's start with Triple H.

Since Triple H was "named" COO, the WWE has built some pretty interesting story-lines around him. We all remember CM Punk's infamous shoot promo and the storyline that followed. For me, that was one of the more interesting angles in recent memories.

It showed that the WWE could still put on captivating television and keep us guessing.

Now, Triple H is involved in a new angle, one that has him seemingly loosing control of the WWE and the superstars. Where will this end up? Will Vince McMahon return?

I think the WWE has numerous possibilities with this angle. I would like to see them develop this even more and maybe have the superstars run wild on the show and have no care in what Triple H says.

Eventually, Triple H begins to regain control and starts finding out who sabotaged him in the first place. This brings us to The Awesome Truth.

Miz and R-Truth have developed a tag team and have really helped spice up WWE programming. Miz and Truth seem to be the tipping point to the whole Triple H angle. Whenever you have two guys who are good on the mic and can draw a fan reaction like Miz and Truth, the storyline will be interesting.

I think Truth and Miz should become even more involved with this Triple H angle and maybe bring in someone they think could run the WWE better. 

Bring back some superstar or legend that puts Truth and Miz in position to run the WWE.

I also noticed that many of you think that CM Punk's push is over since he lost at Hell in a Cell. This is not the case. Punk is just fine and will be in the main event for quite some time.

You can't win every match and if you lose one or two that doesn't mean your push is over. Cody Rhodes was loosing plenty of matches before he struck gold with the Intercontinental Championship.

So what do you guys think about the Triple H angle?

Awesome Truth?

CM Punk?

Let me know in the comment section. Your responses can help me with future articles to determine what you are interested in and think should happen.

Thanks for reading.