Chris Cooley vs. Tony Romo in a UFC Fight? Cooley Talks About the Dream Fight

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Chris Cooley vs. Tony Romo in a UFC Fight? Cooley Talks About the Dream Fight

The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins rivalry goes way back, but Redskins tight end Chris Cooley might have taken it to a whole new level.

After Sunday's epic collapse by the Cowboys against the Lions, Cooley, of course, has taken delight in the collapse of his division rivals.

“It’s SO good,” Chris Cooley said of Romo’s performance on the LaVar and Dukes show. “I was watching the scoreboard in St. Louis, and I didn’t see that they’d lost really until they end, I thought they blew them out so I kind of stopped paying attention. It’s amazing, AMAZING to watch him choke like that.

Of course, Cooley didn't stop there and continued to delve further into the Cowboys collapse.

"I’m just saying, I’m up 24 points in the third quarter, if I’m the head coach, I feel like I could probably just take a knee for the rest of the game, punt it away and there’s no way that Detroit’s gonna drive on you that many times," Cooley said. "The only way you’re gonna give up that many points is turnovers, right? It’s hilarious to watch him throw pick-sixes, too, back-to-back. I loved it. But it wouldn’t be as good as my cage fight."

Woah, woah, woah. A cage fight? Can it be so Cooley is challenging Romo to an epic showdown inside the UFC or at the very least in a cage?

Cooley went further and gave his predictions for the awesome fight that this would be.

"For me to beat Tony? I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know what kind of cagefighting skills he has," Cooley said. "I would probably try to incorporate my wrestling ability, like when I was in high school. Obviously it’s been a while, but I didn’t like to beat people fast. I like to embarrass ‘em a little bit. Like, take a 24-point lead, and then just play with it a little bit."

In case you didn't know, Cooley was an All-American high school wrestler and compiled an impressive record of 54-0 in his senior year. He also won a state championship in Utah.

Of course though, the weight does play an issue. But if Romo can gain another 10 pounds, this fight falls perfectly into the heavyweight division. So why not?

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