UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Just Bought Your Dream Car

Jason SchielkeCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2011

So what would you do if you were the youngest champion in UFC history and were coming off the biggest win—and more than likely, the biggest payday as well—of your career.

You would buy a new Bentley, of course.

Today, UFC light heavyweight champion just purchased a 2012 Bentley Continental GT from an undisclosed dealership in Las Vegas, NV.

Jones chronicled his purchase via his Twitter account @JonnyBones. First, Jones sent out a tweet that said "2012 Bentley Continental GT" with a link to a picture of the interior of the car.

The second tweet Jones sent out simplify said "#blessed" accompanied with a picture of the back end of the incredible ride.  

The fun times don't stop there. After that, Jones tweeted, "Even came with a Bones logo ;)." Apparently, the "B" on the front of the Bentley now stands for "Bones."

And then to top things off, Jones tweeted "One of the best days of my life." With that tweet, Jones included a picture of him standing next to his sweet new ride with a piece of paper that said "Sold to Jon BONES Jones."

So now you must be wondering how much that bad boy just dented the bank account of the greatest light heavyweight in the world.

According to CarandDriver.com, the least that Jones could have just forked over was a mere $195,495.

See everyone, humility does have some benefits.