Bears Coaches Snatch Defeat From The Jaws of Victory

Eli FuchsContributor IDecember 1, 2008

Pictured above are the two masterminds of a very bad team. 

While the blame cannot be placed squarely on those two men, you do have to scratch your head why you hand the ball off to a backup fullback on third and goal against arguably the best run defense in the league.

On the cusp of taking a double digit lead and possibly forcing the Vikings to lean more on Gus Frerotte and his arm rather than Adrian Peterson, Ron "I love my fullbacks" Turner chose to steer clear of his Rookie Phenom Matt Forte in favor of... Jason Davis? Who you ask? 

Don't look so confused!  You must have heard of Jason Davis before.  Sure, he had never recorded a carry before that violent 0 yard scamper.  Jason Davis actually has tallied 361 rush college while under the tutelage of offensive(ly bad) coordinator Ron Turner at the University of Illinois. 

In fact, in four years at Illinois, and in 91 career carries Davis only managed to tally one touchdown.  That touchdown must have been spectacular in order to convince Turner that running him at Pat and Kevin Williams on third and goal in a must-win game. 

In case you can't sense the sarcasm, and I am laying it on pretty thick, that was probably the worst call for the Bears this year...or was it?

In week two, during a crucial fourth quarter drive to try and force overtime, Turner then turned to Jason McKie to pick up one yard on fourth down.  The verdict?  A one-yard loss which then turned into three kneel downs by Jake Delhomme and a Bears loss. 

Why you ask?  I do not know.  As successful as Matt Forte has been, and with a powerful runner in Adrian Peterson on our sidelines, Turner reached into his bag of tricks and spearheaded a huge momentum swing for the Vikings. 

I may be crass in assuming that handing the ball to Forte would have put up a touchdown. Or that even with a 14-3, the Bears would not have been able to prevent the em-bear-assment that ensued, but you have to believe that with a 14-3 lead the Vikings were going to have to rely a little bit more on their passing game and that alone would have led to a different ending. 

Perhaps it also would have prevented a forced passing situation on every down in the late third quarter that led to Kyle Orton's demise. 

Furthermore, if Turner was prone to go with his old students as go to guys, why was Rashied "butterfingers" Davis our starting wide receiver and not Brandon Lloyd?  Lloyd proves to be our only big play threat when it comes to going up in the air and battling for a ball. 

Less than two years removed from a Super Bowl appearance, the Bears should be establishing a repoire as a yearly candidate and not Jekyll and Hyde. 

Needless to say, the Bears cannot be happy with the product put on the field this year.  Bottom line, the coaching staff is responsible for the product and frankly they have underperformed. 

Sadly enough, I have joined and and am praying for Jerry Angelo to spend a little bit.  Perhaps acquiring Donovan McNabb and possibly a coach like Bill Cowher who did wonders with a team very much like our Bears. 

Cowher prides himself on a relentless defense that hits harder than the economy and a strong running game.  Cowher is the perfect blue collar coach for this great city and has the pieces in place to bring us to glory again.  With Forte's results from his rookie season, it looks like some fine tweaking to an archaic defense, the Bears can rise again.