The Dream Tag Matches We'll Probably Never Have the Honor of Seeing

christian orendorfContributor IDecember 1, 2008

Ok, so this has been floating around in my head for awhile, and i've come to realize I wanted to get it out of my head in its own way.  So, without further ado...the dream tag matches we'll probably never see.

1.)  Cryme Tyme vs LAX.  Both have the same dynamic, the one part speed on part power combo.  Both at times can have the gang mentality.  Both, if need be, can dominate the tag scenes in their respective shows.  LAX has had the opportunity to hold the tag belts of TNA, Cryme Tyme has gotten the shaft by WWE when it comes to holding the tag belts.

Upside: a good match potential should either team switch companies. 

Downside: whatever group switches will probably get the shaft when it comes to the win.

Predictions to win: I would pick LAX to win for a number of reasons.  Homicide has a better amount of moves he could execute properly, as well as Hernandez has his power game down, and can dominate a match easily.  Cryme Tyme has the problem of mainly being spot wrestlers in my personal opinion, and need to work on their move base to become better wrestlers.

2.)  AJ Styles and Samoa Joe vs CM Punk and Kofi Kingston.  This match I really wish would happen.  The amazing high flying abilities of all these wrestlers would make this one incredible match.  I for some reason would expect Samoa Joe to bleed though in this one, he has a tendency to bleed anymore in his matches. 

I'd expect AJ to be his normal bump magnet self and probably take some bad hits.  Kofi would probably get some more recognition in this match just because of the high impact this match would make.

Upside: Great match, hopefully fulfilling at least a good 20 minute match and ending with a clear victor.

Downside:  Won't probably ever happen.

Predictions to win:  I hate to say it, but I see AJ Styles and Samoa Joe winning after CM Punk turned on Kofi.  And then i'd hope Joe would choke out AJ so that CM Punk and Samoa Joe would be the dominant tag team.

3.)  Evolution vs Main Event Mafia.  Honestly, two of the greatest factions of this decade, and a four on four match would be awesome (I am taking Steiner out of the MEM for this match).  I could see Batista vs Nash, Orton vs Booker T, Sting vs Flair, and HHH vs Angle, all great one-on-one matches, but would still make a great four on four match, perhaps even an old school WARGAMES match.

Upside: Main event appeal at its greatest, a ppv event in itself worth enough for an actual $39.95 pricetag lol.

Downside:  So many egos, so little time.

Predictions to win:  Evolution has the young blood in the group, giving the ability for longevity in a match.  MEM has workhorses of the company, who constantly bust their butts, and have been dominating matches lately.  This is a tough sell, but im actually choosing Evolution on this one.

This is only a few of the matches i've been wishing for...lemme know what you think...