Co UFC Creator Unleashes XARM: Sets Combat Sports Back Ten Years

Joseph BonsignoreAnalyst IDecember 1, 2008

MMA and combat sports in general have come a long way since Art Davie (co creator of the UFC) held the first UFC just over 10 years ago. We all know that the UFC was sold to the Fertita brothers and Dana White. They expanded the UFC into an empire (or some may say a monopoly).

With this empire, they are gradually bringing the sport of MMA into the mainstream. Getting coverage on ESPN, selling around a million PPV's, and selling out stadium/arena's around the world.

Art Davie of course wants a piece of the pie that he got rid of, now that the pie is no longer his. In comes "XARM". What is XARM? Well in's a bunch of heavyweights that arm wrestle, while tethered to a table in a belted harness and have their hands duck taped together. Three rounds that are a minute each. Oh, I forgot to mention that the object is to knock out, submit, or pin your opponents arm while tied to this post? That's right. Sounds extremely technical, right? Wrong.

If you go to, you can see a fight for free. I honestly couldn't help but laugh at how poorly the sport was thought out. Between the color commentators calling Davie the "Godfather" of the UFC and saying that the sport could become bigger then MMA, I couldn't help myself.

Davie came up with a 10-point "must" system to try to make it sound more professional, but this sport will never be taken serious. If you remember MMA was called "human cock fighting" at the beginning. Prepare to have that phrase thrown out again very loosely once people realize just how bad the sport is.

They covered the sport on "Inside MMA" on HDNet and all of the panelists and hosts (Robbie Lawler, Cung Le, Mark Pavelich, Kenny Rice, and Bas Rutten) agreed with pretty much everything I put out there already, also saying that it looked like a sport that a bunch of drunk guys came up with one night. Anyone remember YAMMA Pit Fighting from the other original co-promoter of the UFC, Bob Meyrowitz? That was a complete failure and that's where I see this sport going as well.

If you want to check out the rest of the "rules" for this trainwreck, then head over to XARM Rules.