Jets Still Have What it Takes to Win it All

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2008

Despite 34-17 a loss that made a lot of people jump off of the Jets bandwagon yesterday against the Denver Broncos, the Jets still have what it takes to make playoff noise down the line. 

Yes, the team has holes, as Jay Cutler proved very well yesterday to the tune of doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, against the Jets in front of their home crowd. 

Honestly though, what team does not have holes currently?  Even the best teams, such as the Giants, who are dealing with the Plaxico Burress debacle, which almost defies common logic (I mean, who shoots themself, what is this, the movie 8 Mile), the Titans (who the Jets took behind the tool shed and beat up for four quarters only eight short days ago), and many others, are dealing with huge issues. 

These teams currently are the Bucs, who seemingly cannot punch the ball into the end zone half the time (Matt Bryant may be the MVP of the team, sorry Antonio Bryant, you have had a great comeback season, but the touchdowns are not there), and the Panthers (you guys have a habit of leaning too much on the running game; if that is shut down, you are in deep trouble). 

In addition, the Steelers can decide to not score a touchdown for almost two whole games whenever they feel as if it is necessary. 

The rest of the NFL?  Any of the teams in contention have more issues than a single article can discuss in a concise enough manner. 

What does this mean? 

It means that the NFL, as usual, is completely up for grabs.  Yes, there are two 11-1 teams (the Giants and the Titans) and conventional wisdom says to not bet against these teams. 

The Giants can be beat though, as the Browns proved on Monday Night Football in front of the entire nation on ESPN.  As for the Titans, the Jets are the only team that beat them obviously, but this game was not even close. 

With the talent the Jets have, along with the team leaders, they are still in the Super Bowl discussion. 

Thomas Jones, currently the AFC rushing leader who is finding the end zone at an old LT pace recently, is making many realize why the Jets got him before the start of last season. 

Whenever they are on, the wide receivers are one of the top units in the league. 

Even when one is off, the rest of the unit usually picks up the slack, which makes the passing game almost impossible to completely stop. 

The defense, minus the unspirited play yesterday, can still make big plays in bad games, such as the Dwight Lowery's interception in the red zone yesterday. 

Kris Jenkins, he has the running defense on lock.  Yes, one Peyton Hillis ran all over the defense yesterday, but it had to happen sometime and the Broncos, no matter who runs the ball, are always a force to be reckoned with on the ground with their tremendous offensive line play. 

Yes, the passing defense is suspect to say the least, but this is the Jets one issue in terms of play on the field currently.  Give Ty Law a couple more games and when combining him with Darrelle Revis, this unit will improve greatly. 

Finally, the Jets have the ultimate quarterback in one Brett Favre.  Quite possibly the biggest gamer that the NFL has ever seen, Favre can take this team on his back for a huge playoff run. 

When combined with the fact that he came back to win one more Super Bowl before calling it quits for good, he has the spirit it takes to make the Jets believe in themselves. 

True, he is prone to have a bad game once in awhile, but if one of these games occur before the end of the season, the Jets can just run Jones until his wheels fall off.  The more carries he gets, the better he is, and he can stomach the load it takes to take the pressure off of the passing game. 

Long story short, the Jets played one bad game yesterday.  It happens from time to time, and with the weather the way that it was yesterday at the Meadowlands, it can happen on any given Sunday. 

The ones that jumped the bandwagon should get back on it.  There are four very winnable games left on the slate, and if the Jets run the table, they will go into the playoffs at 12-4, with at least one home game during the playoffs. 

In addition, if something odd happens, such as an upset in the AFC playoffs, the Jets could be playing more games at The Meadowlands deep into January, where, during this time of the year, it is almost impossible for a team to go out there and get a win on the road. 

The Jets are still a force to be reckoned with, and if they play up to par, they can still get to Tampa Bay for a chance for their first NFL title in 40 long years.