The NBA: Where Giving Away Power Forwards Happens

Dave HuetCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2017

Shaq for Marion?  Really?

If the Suns are really intent on changing things up for this year's playoff run, there has to be better offers out there.

How about the Bulls trade for the Matrix: Marion for Ben Wallace anyone?

Why would the Suns want Wallace?

The same reasons they supposedly want Shaq that everyone else is reporting: play Amare at the four, fix chemistry issues, etc.


Why should they want Wallace over Shaq?

Big Ben is a younger 33, to Shaq's 36 years.  Ben Wallace has a shorter and more reasonable contract than Shaq's, at $15 million per year for one and a half years versus $20 million per year for two. 

Back when Big Ben was "the most underrated player in the league," people would constantly talk about his speed for a guy his size.  The Pistons successfully ran a high-speed offense or a slow 1/2 court game depending on who they had to match-up against without a hitch and he was key to that flexibility.  

Ben is more willing to work than Shaq, who constantly shows up overweight or only trys in the playoffs.  Even now, while the Bulls have been faltering all season, no one complains about Ben's motivation.

Both have serious playoff experience and success.  In fact, both have played center for championship teams.  Ben Wallace's Pistons team beat the Lakers in the Finals, and as recently as last year, his Bulls swept the Heat.

Gearing up to play the Lakers? 

Even with Ben's decreased play, he can still guard a young Bynum in the playoffs. 

Chemistry  issues?

Shaq's displeasure with his shot attempts have been well noted this year.  Ben Wallace will only take seven shots, at most.  He's only surpassed that three times this season and is usually much closer to four or five shots.

That will even allow for Diaw to get more attempts, and there's plenty of evidence to support that he does exponentially better when he's a starter and gets a feel for the game.


Why would the Bulls want Marion?

WHO WOULDN'T WANT MARION?!!  But besides from that, the Bulls, and more so John Paxson, are only going to get so many more chances to get the post player they need. 

KG went to the Celtics while Pau went to the Lakers, both of whom have been in trade roomers of going to the Bulls at the deadline and off-season for the last two years; Marion is probably the last guy out there.

He's a perfect fit for their style.  He always hits the boards and can defend any position on the floor, which would be great help to make up for Ben Gordon's weak D.   It allows them to play Noah and A. Gray at Center and get them serious minutes in games that actually matter as the Bulls are still attempting to make a playoff run. 

They would have great match-ups against the best in the East by having Marion to defend 'Sheed (Pistons) and KG (Celtics), as well as adding serious height to their line-up overall.

Does it really work or is it just a pipe dream?

If the Bulls need to add more incentive to make it happen, they could tack on Joe Smith's soon-to-expire contract. 

If Banks has really fallen out of favor with the Suns, that deal works perfectly.  They could even make it happen with Chris Duhon as the Suns have been looking for a pass first, true point guard to help Nash at times, and he would be a great fit.

The Bulls would be in the exact same situation as far as salary-cap is concerned after the trade and should have no problem keeping Marion.  He can score as much as he wants in their system and should get a leadership position and some control as no interim coach who is looking to keep his job is going to stand in his way.

Is there any way this deal is worse than the current Heat deal on the table?