South Carolina Football 2011: Connor Shaw Could Be What the Doctor Ordered

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2011

South Carolina Football 2011: Connor Shaw Could Be What the Doctor Ordered

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    The Connor Shaw era of South Carolina football begins in earnest. Coach Spurrier said that the game against Kentucky was Connor's unless he gets injured. He will allow Connor to work through the regular slumps of a quarterback and give him complete control.

    This can only be a positive because there is no way he can play worse than Stephen Garcia at this point, and it gives the fans and Spurrier some hope.

    Plus, in limited action and practice, it is obvious that he does some things very well. Here are those things. 

1. Connor Is a Film Junkie

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    Connor Shaw spends countless hours in the film room and in the playbook preparing for his opponents. He has a fantastic football brain, which has turned him into a coach's favorite when it comes to preparation. Combine this attribute with some playing time, and he could become a very good quarterback. 

2. Connor Doesn't Force the Ball as Often as Garcia

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    Shaw doesn't make rash desicions with the ball during practice or gameplay. He is much smarter than that. However, this is a bit of a dual edged sword. 

    He will hold on to the ball too long and take sacks or plays it too safe. 

3. Connor Has Speed to Burn

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    While Garcia is known as a fullback style runner, Connor Shaw has a great deal of speed. He is much, much faster than Garcia and still has the ability to run some people over. 

    However, he will need to utilize the slide in order to keep safe. 

4. Connor Has Great Short to Medium Accuracy

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    Connor Shaw (in practice) can fit the ball in places that Garcia just can't. He is great with the out patterns and timing routes. He looks comfortable. 

    However, this is just practice. 

5. Things Connor Shaw Must Work on

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    There are a few things Connor must do to be successful. 

    1. Throw the ball away and don't take too many sacks.  

    2. Manage the game and refrain from Hail Mary passes to the defense, which we will hitherto call "Garcias." As in, don't go throwing a Garcia. 

    3. Spread the ball around. We all know how great Alshon Jeffery is, but don't force it to him with a poorly thrown "Garcia."

    4. Remain calm, cool and collected. Spurrier was high on you last year, and you are getting your first real opportunity. Don't Garcia it up.  (Didn't I mention it works there too)?

    As always, it's great to be a Gamecock, even after a loss. 

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