Don't Blame BCS For Big 12's Mess

Corey GautreauxSenior Analyst INovember 20, 2016

Disclaimer:  Let me begin by saying I am not a fan of the BCS.  I, like most college football fans, would love to see some type of playoff or plus-one format to name college football’s national champion.  Unfortunately this is the system that is in place, so we must all live by their rules, unless/until those rules are changed.


The BCS is an imperfect system, but the Big 12 mess is the fault of the Big 12, not the BCS.  The BCS was created to do one thing and one thing only, match the top two teams and let them battle for the national title.  The BCS was not created to decide the Big 12 South representative in the Big 12 championship game.  The BCS is not to blame.  The complaining about who got screwed by the BCS this year doesn’t hold water.


If Oklahoma wins the Big 12 Title next Saturday, they will play the Florida/Alabama winner for the National Title.  I don’t think there is a single person outside of Los Angeles that would complain about this matchup.  This is the correct matchup for the BCS Title Game.  No complaints here, the BCS got it right.  If this scenario happens, who got “screwed” by the BCS?


As a friend of mine told me, if Texas really wants to make a statement about changes to the BCS, then decline the Fiesta Bowl invitation.  The only way to change something is by breaking the mold and going outside the lines to do so. 

If Texas were to turn down the Fiesta Bowl and the loser of the SEC championship game turn down the Sugar Bowl, I have a strange feeling the BCS gods would make changes in a hurry in the offseason.  The problem: this won’t happen.  Instead, both teams will accept the big check, smile and say how thrilled they are to play in the game, and then complain next year after they lose a game.


The rules are set clearly to play in the national championship game: win ‘em all!  If not, you leave your destiny in the hands of computers and a handful of uneducated voters.  Sure, there are years like 2004 where you have three undefeated teams, but the BCS was designed to pick two of them, and that is what it did.  If it would have left out either Oklahoma or USC, the same complaints would have been heard all around the country.


In 2003, after LSU won the BCS Title, did Tommy Tubberville go on record and complain about the BCS?  Nope!  You know why, because it didn’t affect him at the time.  Of course when Auburn was left out of the national title game the following year, he was quick to complain and argue for changes to the system. 


In 2004, Pete Carroll sure was happy to hoist that crystal ball, despite saying the BCS didn’t matter just 12 months prior.


The problem with the BCS is that there isn’t enough complaining until you are the one being screwed.  The SEC commissioner pushed for a playoff system before the season started.  Ultimately, no one really said too much.  The Pac 10 and Big Ten commissioners didn’t like the idea, and the Big 12 commissioner didn’t take the chance to be vocal about the changes. 

So what happened?  The BCS didn’t change, and now everyone wants to complain.  Do you hear Les Miles or Gary Pinkle complaining about the BCS?  Nope, because the BCS doesn’t affect them this year. 


We all want a playoff system because head-to-head is what matters right?  Well that was proven wrong this week by Oklahoma moving ahead of Texas.  While most coaches did vote Texas ahead of Oklahoma, not all of them did. 

If every voter would have done this, the gap would have likely been too large for Oklahoma to overtake Texas.  I understand that the computers ultimately put Oklahoma ahead of Texas, but some coaches did the exact same thing, which makes you wonder if head-to-head really matters at all.


I challenge all coaches and conferences to be very vocal about changing the BCS this offseason.  Complain today, complain tomorrow, and complain the next day.  Hold a special press conference just to complain about the BCS. 

Make your stance on the issue well known TODAY!  Don’t wait to complain when the BCS isn’t working in your favor.  Complain for the good of college football, not the good of your team!