WWE: Why Cody Rhodes Will One Day Surpass Randy Orton

Vandie BarnardContributor IIIOctober 4, 2011

The Future of the WWE
The Future of the WWE

Cody Rhodes was a part of the group known as Legacy with Ted DiBiase that was led by Randy Orton. Following the split of the group, we all wondered what the fate of each superstar would be. 

Randy Orton was already a star. The question was, between Rhodes and DiBiase, who would arise as the next star in the WWE?

Most believed that DiBiase would end up with the brighter future, main eventing PPVs while Rhodes would forever be stuck as a mid-card talent. I believed quite the opposite. Fast-forward to the present, and Cody Rhodes is on the fast track to main eventing, while DiBiase is floating as a mid-carder who just recently was fortunate enough to start appearing on SmackDown.

Cody Rhodes is now the current Intercontinental Champion and one day, he will surpass Randy Orton. Some people may be thinking that this is ludicrous, however Rhodes has what it takes to do so. I am not saying that Rhodes will end up with more world titles reigns than Orton, which probably won't happen as Orton is already at nine, but his overall career will end up being better.

One's career is not necessarily measured in title reigns. Shawn Michaels is only a four-time world champion, and just look at his career. Orton and Rhodes are both very good in the ring. They have a nice flow to their matches. Cody will only get better with time in the ring.

When it comes to mic work, Rhodes has Orton beat. Orton is not known for his mic work, but Cody has vastly improved over the course of the year, ever since he took on this "mentally disfigured" persona. There are few superstars that come along that have the total package. Rhodes is one of the rare ones that can perform in the ring and deliver a great promo.

Those tools will help Rhodes eventually thrust into the main event scene. Right now, he is bringing prestige back to the IC title. I expect to see these two feud with each other down the road, which will be the feud that will elevated Rhodes into the main event.

Rhodes has the intangibles to be a major heel on either Raw or SmackDown. He has the "it" factor. A good gimmick that gets you a reaction from the WWE universe and great mic skills go a long way in the WWE. Cody Rhodes has those factors and he has great upside, as he is only just getting started.

Orton is great, and I am a fan of his work. However, Rhodes is beginning to receive good heat from the crowd and based on the last few weeks, WWE has plans on Rhodes being a staple on WWE programming. Once he starts to engage in major feuds, Rhodes has the qualities to carry a story in and outside the ring.

Cody Rhodes has nothing but a bright future ahead. His work on the mic is great and one day, Rhodes will surpass Orton.

Let me know what you think.