Blog Poll | Week 14

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IDecember 1, 2008

The Week 14 BlogPoll ballot is out and not much has changed in this one. Perhaps the most notable lack of change is my ranking of Texas and Oklahoma, respectively. See below.

Dropped Out: Miami (Florida) (No. 24).

UT/OU Debate:

  • There are no transitive properties in college football. Oklahoma may have defeated Texas’ lone conqueror by 50 points, but a 100-point victory by Oklahoma does nothing to ameliorate their loss in Dallas.As a result, Texas deserves a rebuttatble presumption that they are the better. Otherwise, their game is rendered meaningless. A head-to-head victory should be given 50-percent weight in this argument. Unless every other metric skews in favors of the loser, I do not see how one can choose them.
  • While tremendously unscientific, Texas eliminated more teams from contention than Oklahoma. For my money, giving Oklahoma the benefit of looking great at the end of the season against the same teams Texas previously beaten, means you have to give the Longhorns credit for derailing the dreams (albeit temporarily) for Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Missouri. Each of those teams was ranked in the Top 10 at the time Texas defeated them and each believed they were headed for the B12CG or more. Is that a meaningful metric? I don’t know, but in this overly subjective conversation I will assign credit as I deem fit.
  • How about a more credible metric like strength of schedule? In Jeff Sagarin’s rankings, which incidentally ranks Oklahoma and Texas 3rd and 4th, respectively, in the Pure Points rankings, gives Texas a slight edge in the SOS department. That may sound like a miniscule margin, but in an analysis as close as this one, every little bit counts.
  • I hear a lot about Oklahoma’s margin of victory and the dominating performances they have turned in recently. But Oklahoma’s edge in victory margin is as thin at 26.1 to 25.3, hardly providing OU with overwhelming proof. And, if you remove their thrashing of FCS whipping boy Chattanooga, the teams actually have the same margin of victory.
  • If you analyze the teams in all phases of the game, Texas is probably a more complete squad with the best Big 12 defense…easily. I was reminded recently that if Texas makes the easy interception on the final Texas Tech drive, we are not worrying about this ridiculous mess.
  • I said it before but it bears repeating; Texas won head to head on a neutral field. Many folks believe there is nothing more to say about that. Should Texas really be forced to watch two teams it beat by a combined score of 101 to 67, play for the Big 12 Championship. Doesn’t that bother anyone?