Pacific Deep Sea Species Appear in the Fall

Jess KContributor IIIOctober 3, 2011

Deep sea fishing is fun any time of year, but in the fall there are several species that are close to the west coast. Knowing what species are available helps you decide where and when you want to go fishing as well as what lures to bring along.

The Skipjack tuna comes in close to the coast this time of the year to spawn. After they spawn the fish hang out to feed for a while before returning out to sea for the winter.

The Skipjack is a great fish to catch. They fight hard and run fast. They are not the largest fish. The average is about two feet with a weight of about 10 pounds. But they can get much larger. They have been known to get as large as 50 pounds.

There are a few Yellow fins that show up along the coast this time of year. They like the warmer water so they will be found on the southern parts of the coast. The Yellow fin is also found around the Hawaiian Islands.

Yellow fins are generally in the range of 25 pounds; however Yellow fins as large as 400 pounds have been caught.

Albacore also come in along the pacific coast of California. The Albacore are one of the most fun to catch because they are extremely fast. When they are hooked, they run hard and will jump.

Albacore are fairly good sized. They average about three feet long and weigh about 35 pounds. In 1997, off the coast of California, an Albacore weighing over 89 pounds was caught. Make sure to choose a fish hook size that will handle a big fish.

The best thing to do is check the fishing maps to see where the good fishing areas are as well as check the fishing regulations. Keeping the wrong size fish or using illegal bait can make for an expensive fishing trip.

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