Kyle Orton Continues To Fail Bears

Jimmy MacAnalyst IDecember 1, 2008

I think Sunday night it finally started to sink in with Bears fans that Kyle Orton isn't the second coming of the messiah in Chicago.

On an international stage, with first place on the line, Orton single-handedly gave first place in the NFC North away... literally... three separate times on three consecutive drives.

Yes, you read that correctly. Kyle Orton actually managed to create a series of turnovers that not even Rex Grossman has had in his career. In fact, Orton is the only Chicago Bears quarterback in franchise history, and only one of 3 others in the entire history of the league to throw three interceptions in only seven pass attempts.

A span of seven passes, and three of them were picked off - and only 2 completions just to salt the wound.

And this is not the stingy Green Bay Packers secondary we're talking about here - this the bottom 10, 26th ranked secondary of the Minnesota Vikingsstatistically one of the worst pass defense teams in the leagueEVER. Coming accross good pass defense in Viking country is like coming across good quarterbacks in Chicagoit just doesn't happen. And Kyle Orton went out of his way to prove that Sunday night.

Somehow, though Forte had over 120+ all-purpose yards, some of the best numbers for a RB this season against the Vikes, Orton managed to fall all over himself the entire night. He started 1 of 5, and then 3 of 12... and it just got worse. Orton was throwing behind receivers, into double coverage, and just making poor throws period.

Yet somehow, the Bears were still there in the third quarter, only down by three.

And that is when all hell broke loose.

On the next three drives, in only seven pass attempts, Orton threw three interceptions. And not the kind where the corner or DB makes a hell of a move to get it, Orton literally threw it right into the arms of the defenders and set the Vikings up inside the Bears 40 three straight times and gave Minnesota 17 unanswered points out of it.

The Bears defense didn't help, but then again, when is the last time they really did against a quality opponent? This is no different than the last time the Bears faced the Vikes, in which it was an offensive shoot out and Orton and the Bears simply got lucky enough to have the ball last and score.

But the Bears defense is far from the scapegoat. Keep in mind, the Bears had their hands full with the best RB in the league, and except for a few numbingly idiotic plays, managed to shut Peterson down for most of the night. There's no excuse for the 99 yard pass from Frerotte to Berrian, especially when Tillman spent the last couple years lining up against him in practice.

But nope, sorry Orton fans, your neckbearded savior lost this one, and lost it bad. And while your eyes may have only opened tonight, the reality is, Orton hasn't performed all that well this season.

Kyle Orton currently sits with just over 2,000 passing yards, 13 TDs, 7 INTS and an 83.8 rating.

Well, first off, I have to say, those stats in themselves don't get me all that excited or thinking that Orton is the answer for the Bears, but let's dissect this so you can see where I'm coming from.

Orton's best games have come against Detroit, Minnesota (from the first game), and St. Louis. Those teams combined together have the worst, and I mean worst of the worst, pass defense in football, giving up nearly 300 yds passing and 3 TDs per game.

My point? It's not hard to pass on them.

Here are Orton's numbers against those teams:

PASSING YARDS - 725          TOUCHDOWNS - 5          RATING - 105.9

Those numbers don't look to shabby, eh? But consider that every QB in the league has put up similar if not better numbers against Detroit. For comparison's sake, let's take a look at Rex Grossman's numbers against those same teams (DET, STL, MIN) from what are considered his best games against them in 2006:

Rex Grossman:

PASSING YARDS - 1,164           TOUCHDOWNS - 8          RATING - 102.8

I compared Orton's numbers with Rex since he is considered, by some, the worst QB we've ever had (you don't know an ounce of Bears history if you really think that) simply to show you that even a "bad" QB can pass on those teams.

But let's take those performances against those teams away from Orton and what are his numbers?

Kyle Orton (Excluding DET, MIN, STL)

PASSING YDS - 1,338          TOUCHDOWNS - 8          RATING - 72.2

WOWshould Orton be writing the Lions, Rams and Vikes (the first time around) a thankyou note or WHAT!? That would rank Orton (who is currently 19th in the league) below JT O'Sullivan who is ranked 28th in the league.

My point? Take away the games where it's a cakewalk and Orton has failed. Without those victories he has a losing record of 2-4 (and that's excluding last night's loss which would make him 2-5!) I mean, please, somebody show me the knockout punches that Orton's been throwing at teams?

And even against St. Louis, possibly the worst of the worst, the offense scored quick and then faltered, scoring only three points against a bottom five defense in the second half.

This is the same QB we were arguing about how many millions we should lock him up for and for how many years to extend his contract. Are you kidding me!?!?

Kyle Orton doesn't deserve to wear that damn captain patch on his jersey when he single-handedly gives away first place, and on top of it, has never done a damn thing to earn it in the first place!

Orton has been given everything all season. He didn't win the starting job, he was given the starting job, and we all know it. He "won" the job in not even a half's worth of play and without completing a pass longer than 17 yards let alone a TD. He was given the benefits of the doubt Rex never got (poor defensive play, poor protection, poor receiving corps.), the title of captain, an amazing rookie running back and has STILL manged to foul it all up!

And the media is telling us that we're better off with Orton than McNabb!?

That's rich, it really is.

Orton was praised for not making mistakes. That was his strength. Well, now he's making them, and it doesn't look to good, does it Chicago?

In his last three games, Orton has averaged a 62 QB rating and has three TDs and three INTs. If he continues to spiral downward, I wonder how fast everyone will be shoving that money in his face then...?

My, how quickly things change.


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