Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger Plus 1: Who Is Vickie Guerrero's Missing Link?

Rikki SollisAnalyst IIOctober 6, 2011

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger Plus 1: Who Is Vickie Guerrero's Missing Link?

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    It has become clear on recent episodes of Raw that Vickie Guerrero's dream of uniting Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger as a tag team is clearly not going to happen.

    Aside from the fact that these two superstars are not gelling in the ring, logistically, it is not a sensible for the WWE to have Dolph Ziggler in two separate feuds, as he would not be able to keep both feuds meaningful.

    So this means that Vickie needs to enlist another superstar, and two Monday nights ago, it seemed that she'd picked the perfect addition in the powerhouse that is Mason Ryan. Unfortunately, we all know how this ended, with Ryan turning face by destroying Team Swaggler.

    There are so many stars on the roster who could benefit from aligning themselves with Vickie Guerrero, I mean, did you hear the heat she drew on Monday night? It was more than any of the other heels in the ring. I maintain that Ziggler would be a terrible heel without Vickie, and really, she has made him what he is in the WWE.

    So let's take a look at some of the stars who could be joining Vickie's stable.

Drew McIntyre

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    Drew McIntyre returned to live show in-ring action this Monday night against Randy Orton. Despite the jobber's entrance for McIntyre and the oceans between the two superstars, this was not a squash match. In fact, this match would suggest that Drew could be becoming a regular on Monday nights.

    Coming in as the third member of Vickie's stable could really give his career a breath of life. I think it's obvious that the third member will be partnering Jack Swagger to take on the Tag Team Division in order to keep Swagger off of the US Title Chase.

    McIntyre has previous held the Tag Titles with Cody Rhodes, so he has experience in the division and his brawler attitude could be a great partner for Swagger's technical background.

    It's obvious that Drew McIntyre needs Vickie, but is he what she's looking for?

David Otunga

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    David Otunga could be accredited as one half of the most boring Tag Team Champions which we have ever witnessed. Alongside Michael McGillicutty, he held the Tag Titles for nearly three months, although this was pre-Tag Team Division revitalisation when there was no effort being put into the division.

    Now, however, the WWE has actually given Otunga a gimmick. He is now working a legal adviser gimmick, prancing around the WWE in a bow tie and sweater-vest.

    Now that Otunga has a gimmick, he needs some charisma and heat. Whether you noticed or not, during the 12 man tag match on Raw, the crowd was electrified during the end segment, screaming every time one of the Superstars pulled their finisher. However, there was one exception...

    When Otunga hit his neckbreaker (is this going to be his new finisher?), there was almost absolute silence from the crowd.

    Remember how hated every member of the Nexus were when they first arrived in the WWE? Otunga needs this heat back, and Vickie is the person who could do it.

Heath Slater

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    I know there's many out there who have no time for Heath Slater, and believe me, I am one of them.

    Despite the fact that he has not had the greatest start in the WWE, I feel that Vickie could really pull this guy's career out of the gutter.

    Everytime I've seen him come out for a match, there's been no cheers, no boos, just nothing. Silence. Vickie could change this.

    One of the key problems with Heath Slater is that I don't think he really has the potential to work alone. He is always going to need a stable or a tag team partner behind him, mainly due to his appalling mic skills and average in-ring ability.

    This is the only real thing WWE can do with him that isn't releasing him.

Wade Barrett

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    A year ago, Wade Barrett was at the helm of one of the WWE's most destructive stables of all time in the form of the Nexus.

    Now he is milling around in the mid-card with no real feud since his bout with Daniel Bryan at Summerslam. On that note, neither of those two superstars has a feud at the moment, so why did that feud not continue?

    I could go on for ages about how Barrett's talents are being wasted and how he should be in an epic feud with Sheamus right now, but let's focus on how this could benefit Barrett.

    Barrett's a big guy with good mic skills, so admittedly, he has no real need for a manager, but pairing this guy with Swagger and Vickie could give him a decent feud in which he could build up masses of heat, which, when he goes solo again, would be great for him.

    Essentially, this could be one of the stepping stones which makes Wade Barrett one of the biggest heels in the business.

    I feel this slide could prompt discussion/criticism, so feel free to fire away in the comments section.

Jinder Mahal

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    There have not been many superstars who have had more of a roller coaster start to their career in the WWE.

    From his debut squash over Yoshi Tatsu and his alliance with The Great Khali to his embarrassing job to Santino Marella only months later, this guy's career has gone from promising to embarrassing right in front of our very eyes.

    On a separate note, it must physically pain superstars to have to lose to the Cobra.

    Anyway, Jinder Mahal needs some credibility back, and Vickie Guerrero is the person who can do that. From what I've seen so far, his in-ring ability is OK; however, his promos leave a lot to be desired, which is where Vickie comes in.

    Maybe the job to Santino Marella was the start of something new for Jinder Mahal. I would just hope that it is joining Team Vickie rather than starting a feud with Santino.

Johnny Curtis

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    Two Zack Ryder-esque promos and a job to Mark Henry is all we really have to show for the NXT winner's "career" so far.

    It's still not really apparent if he's a heel or a face yet, or even what his finishing move is.

    Vickie could begin to give this guy's career a direction and give him some heat from the crowds. I watch the NXT season that this guy won, and he isn't short of ability; it's just mic skills which he needs the helping hand with.

    Essentially, he needs to do something in order to give NXT the smallest bit of worth. Working with Vickie Guerrero could kick start his career.


    Are any of these guys worthy of Vickie Guerrero's new stable? I want to hear your opinions on my ideas.

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