Wesley Sneijder and Pepe Out For Three Weeks

Real Madrid TalkContributor IDecember 1, 2008

UPDATE: Raulista, a reader of the blog, just let me know in the comments that Pepe is gonna be out for three weeks. Turns out to be true—official confirmation is here.

Alright, I'm sick—I have caught a cold and with what we are going through, life sucks for me. Certainly, the same goes for all Madridistas over there, but we should always stay calm and positive.

There was some good news yesterday as it was reported that Higuain, Cannavaro, Robben, and Diarra had done some jogging and stuff and they all look to be fit to play against Sevilla.

However, the bad news came today as doctors have revealed that Sneijder will be sidelined for approximately two weeks which means that he could make it before the Clasico:

"Wesley Sneijder abandoned Saturday's match agianst Getafe only 18 minutes after the ball was put into play. An MRI showed that the midfielder has a Grade I right femoral biceps injury, for which he is expected to miss approximately two weeks of playing time," the club's official site revealed this morning

So it seems that whenever we recover a player another gets injured. I think if this continues to happen, we won't ever have a full squad this season.

The one we need most is certainly Robben to provide width and crosses from the two flanks. Real should already be looking for a replacement though, because we can't rely on him and Drenthe. If it was possible, I'd make a clone of Arjen, but yeah.

Anyway, Rafel Benitez has rejected Real Madrid for the third time and preferred to stay at Liverpool. The Daily Mail says that he has told the English club that he wishes to extend his contract for more two years.

Personally, I think he'd make a great coach at Real Madrid because he knows Spanish football very well and has coached Real's B team before. And what I like about him is that he is pragmatic when it comes to technical decisions. If a player is performing like crap—he then should warm the bench no matter who he is, be it Raul, Zidane, or even Pele.

As far as new players are concerned, Arshavin and Carlos Tevez are the ones who seem to be close to the Bernabeu. The Zenit player has reportedly threatened his club that if they are not gonna sell him, he will refuse to play with them next season.

I have previously talked about Arshavin and many of you have pointed out that his only problem is that he is inconsistent—just like the brilliant Guti.

My opinion is to get a decent striker like Villa, Crespo, or Benzema as well as a defender and a winger. I'm not sure if the Real management thinks so, but we can't compete in the Champions League or even in La Liga this season without getting, umm, at least a winger.

We offloaded many players in the summer including, Baptista, Robinho, Soldado, etc. and obviously we miss Robinho—more precisely, we miss a winger so I think this is where we really need to concentrate on.

In defense, we really do have some problems. Particularly in central defense, because we can't always rely on Pepe and Cannavaro to be fit and with Heinze performing like crap and Metzelder being ignored by Schuster, Garay should be brought back and another quality defender should be signed.

Thats about it. I'm just gonna go to bed, God I hate sickness.

Hala Madrid!


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