Steeler-Patriots: Steeler Fans Come Out in Numbers

Drunk LeprechaunContributor IDecember 1, 2008

In the last few years, winning has taken over the Boston sports scene. Whether it is basketball, football, or college hockey the last decade has been almost surreal for fans in Boston. What's even more astounding is the amount of fans that support the teams on the road.

On Sunday afternoon in Foxborough, that was put to rest as thousands of Steeler fans showed up at Gillette Stadium to cheer on the Black and Gold. 

It was cold and windy, not to mention the buckets of rain and ice pellets that pelted down all day.

This didn't stop the Steeler fans from showing up in droves. Some were making the pilgrimage from Pittsburgh, as others were implants living in the Boston area. No matter where they were from though, they wore their black and gold and carried their terrible towels.

It was unique to see this because usually it is the Boston fans that are making the noise in other stadiums, like last week in Dolphinville. Miami was covered in Red, White, and Blue and you never understand why it is so frustrating to the other team. This week, the Patriot fans were able to feel that first hand.

The game was relatively back and forth in the first half, and Big Ben didn't even look that good. Then, just before the half, everything started going the Steelers' way. Actually, let's be honest, they just showed they wanted it more. 

Midway through the third quarter, the Patriots looked as if they didn't even belong in a Pop Warner game. This was a delight to all of the Steeler fans. That is the time when the Steeler fans started getting more vocal and showing some courage.

By the time they had a 13-point lead, the Patriot fans slowly exited and the Steeler fans started to take over the stadium. It was awfully reminiscent of the Patriot fans running Dolphin Stadium by the fourth quarter last week.

When you looked at the Steelers on paper, they should have had no problem winning this game. The Steeler defense has been nothing short of amazing, and that is what won them the game Sunday. When you hold teams to under 300 total yards in 12 straight games, other teams have to take notice.

The Steelers finally got their payback. In the last few years, the Patriots have knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs on numerous occasions. This was finally the start of retribution.

The Steelers fans may not get credit for helping push their team through this game, but they deserve it. For that many fans to come out on the road, on such a horrible day is a testament to their fans. The Boston fans understand this concept, so it's only fitting we tip our caps to the Steeler fans.

Although it may be a longshot, many Patriot fans are hoping to repay this favor in January at Heinz Field. Only time will tell on that wish.