WWE Raw: Is Triple H Losing Control of the Company?

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IOctober 3, 2011

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All hell broke loose last night in the closing minutes of WWE Hell in a Cell. After Alberto Del Rio again fulfilled his destiny, The Miz and R-Truth rushed in and took out everyone in the ring.

Tonight is Monday Night Raw, and it should be a very interesting show. As usual, WWE doesn’t confirm any matches, but they do bring up some questions about what happened last night.

Before Del Rio pinned CM Punk to win the WWE Championship for a second time, he did quite the smart thing. Del Rio managed to lock John Cena out of the cell, leaving it as a one-on-one match between himself and Punk.

With the help of a steel pipe, Del Rio knocked out Punk to win the title. After the bell, the cell raised enough for Cena to get back in. He started to pound away at Del Rio, but the raising of the cell gave another opportunity.

The Miz and R-Truth ran in and cleaned house. Triple H and John Laurinaitis made their way down, but the cell lowered. With the help of the locker room, police, and a pair of bolt cutters, the cops made their way in.

Miz and Truth gave themselves up as they were cuffed and hauled away. Triple H went on the attack and also knocked down Laurinaitis. The Game had to be pulled back to the locker room.

It was pure insanity for those who caught the show. That leaves us with several questions:

What happened?

Who lowered the cell?

How did Miz and Truth get back into the building?

Is Triple H losing control of the WWE?


The lowering of the cell is a mystery that started last week, as someone lowered it over the three competitors in the closing moments of the show. Everybody assumed that it was Laurinaitis. When it lowered last night and he was with Triple H, the plot thickened.

Odds are the same person that lowered the cell let Miz and R-Truth back into the building. Who was it, though? Was it Laurinaitis working with an accomplice? Perhaps it was Vince McMahon, who is biding his time before returning to reclaim his company.

No matter who lowered it, Triple H is losing control. He has an Executive Vice President of Talent Relations that he can’t trust, two disgruntled former employees who are raising hell and a whole group of disgruntled current workers led by their lawyer David Otunga.

I’d imagine that Triple H will address everything tonight. He must deal with everything before he loses the company to Laurinaitis, the board of directors or even Vince McMahon.

I can see Otunga and his group confronting the Game tonight and airing their grievances. There was talk last week of a lawsuit against the chief operating officer and the WWE. How will that play out?

Is Triple H’s role as COO coming to an end?

Tonight should be an intense night filled with deceit, backstabbing and very little explanation. I doubt we’ll get some answers tonight, if we get any at all.

If anything happens, the plot will continue to thicken and just raise more questions.

Answers? No, there’s no way we’re getting any, not yet at least.

Tune in tonight to find out what happens!