10 Exceptional Goals You Have to See

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentOctober 3, 2011

10 Exceptional Goals You Have to See

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    We've all seen Diego Maradona's two defining moments against England.

    We've all seen Lionel Messi's splendid goal against Getafe which conjured up comparisons to Maradona. Though a more relevant comparison would have been the goal Ronaldo scored against Compostela.

    We've all seen Roberto Carlos' physics defying free kick which left Fabien Barthez with a bemused look on his face.

    Do you know who Kumi Yokoyama is? If not, then it's likely you wouldn't have seen her goal. 

    Here is a list of exceptional goals you have to see and a list which doesn't regurgitate Maradona, Messi, Carlos, Marco van Basten, and so on.

Dejan Savićević's Moment of Magic

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    A.C. Milan are 2-0 up and Dejan Savićević persistence forced a mistake from Miguel Ángel Nadal, the uncle of Rafael Nadal, and watch what Savićević does.

    A.C. Milan would win 4-0, going one step further from the 1-0 loss to Marseille the season before.

    The French champions were engulfed in a match fixing scandal and it would always leave a question did they fix games in the Champions League?

    11 Years later, a brash José Mourinho taunted Johan Cruyff by saying, “I don’t want him to teach me how to lose 4-0 in a Champions League final because I don’t want to learn that."

    Five years after making that statement, Mourinho taught the world how to lose 5-0 to Barcelona. Karma.

Linus Hallenius' Impression of Marco Van Basten

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    If you want to see a modern day version of Marco van Basten's goal against the Soviet Union, then watch Linus Hallenius' goal. 

    Hallenius is a 6-foot-1-inch 22-year-old Swedish forward on the books of Genoa, however he's currently on loan at Serie B side Padova—the same club which produced Alessandro Del Piero.

Jone Samuelsen's 57 Metre Header

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    So it's Odd Grenland vs. Tromsø in the Norwegian Tippeligaen.

    Tromsø are trailing 2-1 with only seconds left in the game.

    Tromsø have a corner and their goalkeeper Marcus Sahlman charges up into the opposing goal area.

    Watch what happens as Odd Grenland's Jone Samuelsen may have earned himself a mention in next year's edition of the Guinness book of world records.

John Barnes Turning Brazilian

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    For whatever reason, no one seems to talk about this goal, even though it is an exceptional one.

    John Barnes didn't score against the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, he scored against Brazil.

How Did He Score?

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    His name is Mattie Burrows and he plays for Glentoran in the Northern Irish IFA Premiership.

    I can't describe how he scored the goal because I've never ever seen a goal like that ever.

    What I do know is that for whatever inexplicable reason, FIFA didn't award Burrows the Puskás Award for most beautiful goal of the year.

    The Irish were robbed...again!

Andrés Vasquez's Rabona

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    People often associate the rabona with Ricardo Quaresma.

    Well Quaresma would have been nodding head in approval as Andrés Vasquez wheeled away in celebration.

    What makes Vasquez's goal more astonishing is that he meant it.

    Meanwhile Nick Carle might need some lessons from Vasquez.

Trevor Sinclair: Perhaps the Greatest Overhead Kick Ever Scored

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    I remember in the aftermath of Wayne Rooney's overhead kick, not just Manchester United supporters, many people, even ESPN in the United States were in shock awe.

    Yet arguably Rivaldo's overhead kick against Valencia to secure UEFA Champions League football had more balls of steel.

    Though, there's no doubt that Trevor Sinclair's overhead kick is just aesthetically beautiful. Maybe even perfect.

Not Enough Luck for Brazil

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    A dynamite like goal from Roberto Dinamite, yet watch how lucky the Poles were up until Dinamite took things into his own hands.

    Luck wasn't on Brazil's side during the 1978 FIFA World Cup, as they would have qualified for the final, if not for Argentina hammering Peru, and qualifying on a superior goal difference.

    For your information, back then, they had a second round of group stages whereas contemporary World Cups have knock out rounds.

The Real Reason Why Real Madrid Bought Hamit Altıntop

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    No, I don't think Real Madrid bought Hamit Altıntop just because he scored that Zizou-esq goal. 

    I think they bought him to help Nuri Şahin and Mesut Özil adjust to life in Madrid.

    Mind you, Real Madrid having Altıntop as a squad player goes to show how riduclous their depth is.

Kumi Yokoyama

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    Kumi who? She's 18-year-old Japanese footballer who dominated last year's FIFA under-17 women's World Cup.

    I say it again. The only difference between male and female football is physical not technical.