Iowa Hawkeyes Headed for Tampa?

IowaHawkBlog .comContributor INovember 30, 2008


Another week of college football is behind us.  Boy did it suck.  I like college football and all, but I like it a lot better when the Hawks are on the field.  I wish the Big 10 would add another conference game and extend the season instead of these stupid byes.

So, I got to watch some SEC and Big 12 matchups. The Big 12 has some nice athletes, but they have turned into the Pac 10, playing no defense what so ever.  The defensive mindset in the Big 12 appears to be the same one that our beloved Hawks ran at the end of the Illinois game, except in the Big 12 you just give up and let the receiver score.

It sure is nice that Iowa is going to a decent bowl this year.  I think that this team is going to destroy whatever team that they face.  They play hungry and they hit hard.  PSU and OSU appear to be BCS locks unless Boise State could sneak in over OSU.  That would be a very unlikely scenario. 

So, then you have MSU probably going to the Capital One Bowl with Iowa going to the Outback Bowl against South Carolina, LSU, or Ole Miss.  Any of those teams would be a sweet matchup on New Year’s Day.  Who’s Northwestern?  Did we play them?

It also does not look like Shonn Greene is going to get any Heisman love, not even an invite.  Well, I guess he will just have to take it out on one of those speedy teams from the SEC.  Does anyone remember what Fred Russell did to Florida?  How bout Sam Brownlee against LSU?  Well, at least the pass protection by Sam was excellent.

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