WWE Hell in a Cell Results: Beth Phoenix Beats Kelly Kelly and What It Means

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIOctober 2, 2011

Beth Phoenix’s pursuit of the Divas Championship has failed at consecutive Pay-Per-Views.  Kelly Kelly defeated Phoenix twice to retain her title.  However, it was Beth Phoenix who left with the Divas Championship tonight at Hell in a Cell.

I will admit that I was firmly against having Beth Phoenix take on Kelly Kelly a third time.  When Phoenix lost twice cleanly, I feel like the WWE needed to go in a new direction.  All of the hype surrounding Beth Phoenix and Natalya becoming the “Divas of Doom” lost momentum as Phoenix fell to Kelly Kelly again and again.

Instead of letting Natalya take a crack at Kelly Kelly, the writers decided to be lazy and have Beth Phoenix contend again.  Well, the third time really is a charm, because Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly for the Diva’s Championship.

What does this all mean?

Win or lose, this match fails in every way.  I am a big fan of the Divas division and want to see it revitalized.  Having Beth Phoenix in the same match with Kelly Kelly three times in a row makes no sense.  When you lose two times in a row, it is time for a fresh contender.

But, no.  Instead the WWE had the same match a third time.  This time the outcome was different but does it matter?  Phoenix won the belt, but now Kelly Kelly will get to invoke her rematch clause and we will have to see the same match AGAIN.

It’s not even that I root against Beth Phoenix either.  In fact I wanted her to win at “Night of Champions.”  The problem is she lost twice already.  Okay, she finally won the belt tonight, but it took interference from Natalya to do so.

How can Beth and Natalya be the “Divas of Doom” when all they do is lose cleanly or have to cheat in order win against the “Barbie Doll” divas?  I cannot take them seriously as two powerhouse female wrestlers when they look so weak.  Beth Phoenix should have destroyed Kelly Kelly at the last PPV.

If you want to make Beth Phoenix and Natalya look strong, then you need to make them dominate the competition.  This win for Beth was cheaper than a Kelly Kelly roll-up victory. 

The WWE has really messed up the storyline between the Divas of Doom and the attractive female wrestlers.  I just think it’s too little, too late for Beth at this point.  This victory for me does not validate her and Natalya as any kind of major threat.  As time goes on, perhaps the two will be dominant. 

Unfortunately, I see Kelly Kelly in a rematch for the Diva’s Championship at Vengeance.  If Kelly Kelly loses, she should get another try since Beth Phoenix got multiple rematches.  It would only be fair.  This feud has been handled completely wrong.  It has become repetitive, and I am just not seeing enough emotion from anyone.

I think the reason I am most upset is that I feel like the WWE missed their chance to capitalize on this feud.  When Beth Phoenix lost a second time, it really killed any momentum Beth had.  Her first loss to Kelly Kelly was fine, because it supposedly motivated her to get mean. 

At that point, Beth and Natalya should have been destroying the other Divas.  Then Beth could have beaten Kelly Kelly in their rematch and we would have taken the Divas of Doom more seriously.

The WWE will need to try harder than ever to make Beth and Natalya convincing as dominant heels.  If the writers were smart they would have Beth go on a long run as champion and have a new contender waiting for her after Kelly Kelly. 

This feud is on the brink of becoming extremely stale.  With fans losing interest, it is crucial to make all the right moves in the future.