Who Do You Want Taking the Last Shot in Game Seven?

Marcel SmithSenior Analyst INovember 30, 2008

This list is for who you would want to take the last shot of a tied game in game seven of the Finals. Here are my opinions of the top ten players I would want to take that shot.

10. Isiah Thomas

Thomas was a great point guard as he was an excellent scorer and passer. Despite his small size, he would be one of the few players I would want taking the last shot. He was excellent at getting to the rim as he was one of the quickest players, he had a great mid-range game and is a solid outside shooter. He was an extremely clutch as he hit several game winning shots.

Best Clutch Moment: Game Six In 1988 Finals—43 points, eight assists, and six steals on bum ankle.

9. John Havlicek

Havlicek was an amazing all around player. He was a superb scorer, a solid re-bounder, a very good passer and an extremely underrated defensive player. Plainly, the guy was a winner as he won eight championships, with two of them coming as the main player after Russell retired.

Best Clutch Moment: Game Seven of Eastern Conference Finals—Havlicek Stole the Ball!

8. Reggie Miller

Miller is arguably the best shooter in the league's history and he was also one of the game's most clutch players as he had several game winning shots during the playoffs. He was one of the best pure scorers as he has over 25,000 points. He was superb at making extremely difficult shots with the game on the line.

Best Clutch Moment: Game Five of 1994 Eastern Conference Finals—Miller scores 25 points in the fourth quarter after his Pacers were trailing by 12 entering the final quarter.

7. Robert Horry

Horry is just a good role player. Plain and simple. However, the guy has made a name for himself as one of the biggest shot makers with the game on the line. He is a very good outside shooter and won seven rings as a part of the three peat Lakers, the back to back Rockets and the Spurs.

Best Clutch Moment: Game Five of NBA Finals—Horry hits game winning three with Spurs down by two in decisive Game Five. Spurs won series in seven games.

6. Kobe Bryant

Bryant is already on this list as he has made a huge name for himself with his numerous big shots in the playoffs. He is one of the most talented players to ever play as he is an exceptional scorer, a solid re-bounder and passer and a great defensive player. He has already won three rings and I think several more are on the way.

Best Clutch Moment: Game Four of 2000 Finals—Kobe takes over after Shaq fouls out by scoring six of Lakers' final eight points, including game winning tip to make series 3-1 Lakers.

5. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem is the best player to ever play in terms of accomplishments. He is the all time leader in points, has the most MVP awards and the most All Star appearances. He was also extremely dependable in the clutch as he was always the first option with the game on the line, even when he was 40 and the team had Magic Johnson.

Best Clutch Moment: Game Six of 1985 Finals Against Celtics—Kareem scores 29 points, including 18 in second half in Boston Garden to clinch series and championship.

4. Magic Johnson

In my opinion, Magic is the best player of all time. He is the best point guard to ever play as he was a good scorer, a legendary passer, a very good re-bounder and a winner. He was great in the clutch as he could make shots and pass to his teammates for easy shots. Finally, he won five rings and led his team to the Finals nine times in just twelve years during the most difficult era in NBA history.

Best Clutch Moment: Game Six of 1980 Finals Against Sixers—Magic has 42 points, 15 rebounds and seven assists while starting at center in place for injured superstar Kareem Abdul Jabbar as he led his Lakers to a series clinching game in Philadelphia in his rookie season.

3. Michael Jordan

Jordan is one of the best all around players ever as he was a scoring machine, a solid re-bounder and passer and a great defensive player. He was excellent in the clutch as he was a fantastic driver to the rim and finisher and he had one of the best mid range and post games ever.

Best Clutch Moment: Game Six of 1998 Finals Against Utah—Jordan scores 45 points, including the game winning jumper to clinch his sixth championship.

2. Jerry West

The guy wasn't nicknamed "Mr. Clutch" for no reason. He was the first great clutch player in the league as he was an incredible shooter and solid driver who could make difficult shots when the game was one the line. He was also fearless in the clutch as he always wanted to take the final shot.

Best Clutch Moment: Game Seven of 1969 Finals Against Celtics—West has 42 points, 13 rebounds, and 12 assists in loss as he becomes only player to win Finals MVP on a losing team.

1. Larry Bird

Even though I am a die hard Laker fan, I can't deny Bird being the player I would most want to take the last shot of a game seven. Bird was one of the most all around players as he was an excellent scorer, re-bounder, passer, hustler and most importantly winner. He was deadly in the clutch with his amazing ability to make difficult shots with his great shooting range.

Best Clutch Moment: Game Five of 1987 Eastern Conference Finals—With Celtics down by 1 with only six seconds left, Bird steals inbounds pass from Isiah Thomas and passes to Dennis Johnson for game winning layup. Celtics ended up winning series in seven games to advance to Finals.