WWE Hell in a Cell Results: Reasons Why WWE's PPVs Have Been Great

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIOctober 3, 2011

WWE Hell in a Cell Results: Reasons Why WWE's PPVs Have Been Great

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    WWE Hell In A Cell had one hell of an ending to it.

    The Miz and R-Truth came out at the end, assaulted all in sight and made them pay for their firings. The ending already has people buzzing, and people and fans all alike want to see what is going to happen on RAW.

    This has been a trend for WWE in the past few months—leaving the people wanting more. Every PPV since Extreme Rules has had fans shaking their heads in wonder.

    After Extreme Rules, people were wondering how WWE would treat Christian as the new champion. At Money in The Bank people were excited to see CM Punk win the WWE Title and leave the company with it. SummerSlam had Kevin Nash's shocking return and left many curious as to why he attacked CM Punk.

    At Night of Champions Mark Henry finally got his World Title and left many to wonder how he would be presented. Finally, at Hell In A Cell there was absolute chaos and anarchy not seen in a very long time.

    How is WWE doing all of this? What are they doing that is making fans want to tune into Raw the next night to see what is going on and what happens next? What is leaving everyone wanting more?

    All of that will be answered in the slideshow. All that will be talked about are things which were absent in the WWE for a very long time. WWE before the summer season was considered predictable and too safe for any fans to want to see.

    All of that has thankfully changed and without a further ado, the slideshow will begin. 


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    The one word many fans were desperate to see from WWE for a very long time.

    This one word represents many things that WWE has done in the past few months that had led to fans wanting more. WWE has done nothing but surprise their fans with the most unexpecting things they can think of. 

    The ending of the Hell In A Cell PPV is something that very few fans could even come up with let alone predict. Of course there were fans who expected their appearance to happen at some point, but what they did was both shocking and fun to see.

    The Miz and R-Truth beat up everyone and everything, including refs and the cameramen. 

    That is just one unpredictable thing WWE has done at their PPV's to draw fans back to their product and leave their loyal ones wanting to see more. 

    People did not expect Christian to win the World Heavyweight Title at Extreme Rules. When he shocked the WWE Universe by doing so, fans were almost unanimously happy with it and wanted to see more of him. 

    Those are just a few things WWE has done at their PPV's to draw people back in, and it is not even their biggest ones either. WWE looks to be staying with this idea, and so far it has been great. 


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    What is the different between unpredictability and chaos? 

    Unpredictability is simply not being able to tell what is going to happen. Chaos is causing hell and riots everywhere it goes.

    WWE has done this very well, and the ending of Hell In A Cell is a perfect example of it.

    Chaos has anarchy and craziness all around it. No one knows what is going on at any time, and trying to contain it is almost impossible.

    WWE has created those type of situations right in front of their fans at every PPV since Extreme Rules. The situation on RAW with their superstars going against Triple H because he has lost control is further proof. 

    The Miz and R-Truth have caused chaos every place they take a step, and it has shown to be almost impossible to gain control of. Triple H even lost it and started to beat on them any chance he got while they were handcuffed. 

    Money In The Bank, when CM Punk won the WWE Title, created such a great amount of chaos that fans did not know what was going on.

    At SummerSlam when Kevin Nash made his return, he brought chaos with him. At Night of Champions when The Miz and R-Truth attacked the refs and disrupted the main event, the fans did not have a clue what was happening.

    Fans love chaos because it brings the joker card into the mix. It's the wild card that takes everything they know and throws it out the window.

    When fans cannot tell what is happening, chances are someone is doing something right.

    In this case, WWE is that someone. 

Giving Other Stars a Chance

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    WWE has been pushing their talents more, and the fans are loving it.

    At many of the PPV's, the WWE have come up with ways to show off their younger talent and what they could do. 

    Money In The Bank was the perfect showing of their stars, as it could put many of them into one match. Every match delivered that night, and fans are already saying it is the PPV of the year.

    CM Punk got his biggest push of his career that night, Alberto Del Rio won his MITB case and the shocker of the night showed Daniel Bryan winning his MITB case as well. 

    WWE has been giving many young stars chances when months before they were considered misused, not used at all or wasted talent. Kofi Kingston was a big example of WWE not using one of their top stars to the best that he could be. 

    Kofi was always stuck in the mid-card, barely pushed and it seemed he would be lost in the shuffle. WWE then decided to pair him with Evan Bourne, another star they did nothing with, and put them as a big tag team. 

    Ever since they have shown off their talents, skills and abilities every chance they could, and they are now currently Tag Team Champions. 

    Mark Henry, for a long time, was considered a waste in talent. No one believed in him, and people thought he was not a good character anymore.

    WWE decided to change all of that when they gave him the push of his career. For over half the year, he has done nothing but demolish and destroy his opponents and never looked back.

    A man everyone thought would not go anywhere is right now the World Heavyweight Champion, and it does not look like it will change any time soon. He has shown he can be a main event at PPV's and has not disappointed. 

    Fans thought R-Truth would be fired or cut because he was not doing much when out of nowhere, he became heel. When this happened, "Little Jimmy" was born and ever since has completely shined through.

    He has been given title shots, produced great moments every time on the mic and never fails to get the crowd riled up. He was a fallen star who found a way to shine, and WWE since has found a way to do that with many stars.

    The final example I will give is Cody Rhodes and his Intercontinental Title reign. For months on end, he has proven and shown how incredible he is in the ring and how much he has improved. He is considered by many to be in the top five in the company.

    He has earned every bit of it, and his paper bags are sweeping across the nation. 

    I could continue on with more stars, but I have made my point.

Listening to the IWC

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    There are many out there who say the IWC has done nothing for WWE and should not be proud to say they have.

    They are completely wrong.

    The IWC's presence has been shown all across WWE for the past couple of months. One of the biggest reasons why CM Punk's worked shoot got him to where he is in the WWE is because of the overwhelming reaction the IWC gave it.

    Had the IWC and the media not given it the reaction they did, WWE would not have pushed CM Punk as far as he is right now. 

    The IWC has praised Daniel Bryan for many years and showed his misuse in the company. For a long time, they were stating that in the WWE he should at least be given one real shot at either the WWE title or the World Heavyweight title, but will never receive it because of their system. 

    One shot is all they asked, and WWE gave it to him with the MITB briefcase he currently holds. 

    Zack Ryder was never used on RAW, but made his own inter-web show on his YouTube Channel. For many months, WWE did not even think about him or his show, and when they came into his hometown for RAW, WWE did not use him for anything.

    This got the IWC into a small frenzy about how talented and likable he is and how WWE is wasting his talents. Once Triple H took over, he has since been used on a weekly basis and to this day is still popular for his show and his small matches in the ring.

    There are always signs for him at every RAW show, and they will not be going away soon.

    The IWC certainly does not dictate what is going to happen in the WWE, but they have shown that WWE does listen to them. 

    WWE has made references to them a lot during the famous CM Punk and John Cena feud, especially in their contract signing. WWE knows they are there and no longer ignores them completely.

    They are more open to listening to their ideas and criticisms. Because of that their PPV quality has gotten better.

    The IWC for the most part has praised most of their PPV's since Extreme Rules, and as long as they are getting praised by them, the WWE knows they are doing something to keep them watching. 

    Whether IWC haters like it or not, that is a fact they cannot ignore and if they do, are only being ignorant to the truth.

Longer Storylines

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    Something WWE suffered from was not having a long-term goal. 

    It would always be a month-by-month basis that WWE determined what would happen. Someone would hold the title, maybe it changes at the PPV and if it does not, who else will take the person on?

    WWE has shown that because of this, bad WWE PPV's have happened and the endings to them have been quite bad. Matches were even suffering, and fans all alike let WWE know about it.

    Only the main guys got pushed, the people below them were hardly paid attention to and often lost in the shuffle. 

    Thanks to WWE going back to their old ways of having longer storylines, now they can now actually plan on what is going to happen down the road and for the next couple of months. They have a better idea for it and no longer shuffle or struggle to find a solution.

    WWE now has plans for their stars and what they are going to do with them. That alone has brought better quality to the fans. Because of a set of a long-term goals, everything they do for the most part now makes a lot of sense.

    It brings a lot of mystery to the fans, as to what they plan on doing in the future for the stars. For many months and even years, fans were able to pick apart every one thing WWE would do, especially at PPV's. 

    Winners are not easy to choose. What is going to happen is not easy to predict. With that joker card out there, fans never know when chaos will ensue. All of that is being accomplished because of storylines, and WWE does not appear to be stopping that anytime soon. 

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