NCAA Football Thoughts and Opinions For Week 14

David HedlindAnalyst IINovember 30, 2008

Who Gets the Last at-Large Bid?

Ok, so we have 10 BCS Bowl spots.

We know Penn State, Cincinnati, and Utah are in, leaving seven spots.

USC is in, unless they lose to UCLA. In which case, Oregon State gets back in. I wouldn’t think if USC loses, they get they still get in; so it appears only one Pac 10 team is in.

The ACC Champ is in, but the runner-up has no chance. Now, we are down to five.

I think that no matter what, Florida and Alabama should both be in. I can’t really see a scenario where either one is left out. Both are playing some of the best football right now.

My opinion on his has nothing to do with them being in the SEC, which I believe is in a down year. The winner to the National Championship Game, the loser to the Sugar.

Down to three spots.

The Big 12 looks to get two spots as well. The Champion should go to the National Championship Game, unless somehow Missouri pulls off the upset.

Even still, it would appear that Missouri would go to the Fiesta and a non-champion from the Big 12 could still make the National Championship Game.

Let's just assume two Big 12 teams are in, leaving just one spot.

The candidates really come down to 12-0 Boise State vs. 10-2 Ohio State. Boise State is perfect and won their conference title while Ohio State has two losses and did not win the Big 10.

Kiffin to Tennessee

Tennessee named Lane Kiffin as their new head coach. I can't really say I agree with the decision since he has no actual college head coaching experience. He is already putting together his staff, which appears to include former Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron.

Kiffin and Orgeron worked together on the USC staff a few years back. Orgeron may not have been a successful head coach, but I will say he could recruit with the best of them.

Pelini Was the Right Hire at Nebraska

In his first year, Nebraska tied for a share of the Big 12 North Division title. Given more time to bring in his recruits that fit his system, I have no doubt that Nebraska will start competing nationally again very soon.

Beaver Fans Left Holding Roses

It is a tradition in college football for the fans of teams on the verge of reaching a BCS bowl to bring an emblem of that bowl to throw on the field at the end of a game. In Cincinnati, Bearcat fans threw Oranges down on the field, as it appears Cincinnati will be going to the Orange Bowl. It was ironic that they were playing the Syracuse Orange.

So what happens when the team loses that Bowl-clinching game?

Ask Oregon State. The Beavers lost the game that would have secured the Rose Bowl 65-38 at home to rival Oregon. Looks to me like there is going to be a lot of potpourri in Corvallis.

Dabo Sweeney Should be More the Interim

After being named the interim coach at Clemson, Sweeney did all he could to secure a legit shot at becoming the new head coach. Win games. Check. Beat rival South Carolina. Check. Gain bowl eligibility. Check.

I guess winning a bowl would be next on the list.

From BCS to Barely Making a Bowl

Hawaii went from the Sugar Bowl to having to win one of its last two just to be eligible. Kansas, having made seven wins with late heroics, won against Missouri after winning the Orange Bowl last season.

Defending National Champion, LSU, finished with just seven wins. Then, after losing in overtime to No. 1 Alabama, LSU had to stage one of the biggest comebacks I have ever seen to overcome Troy. Next, they dropped the final two to Mississippi and Arkansas.