WWE Hell in a Cell: Why Randy Orton Will Hammer Mark Henry in their Title Match

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IIOctober 2, 2011

WWE Hell in a Cell: Why Randy Orton Will Hammer Mark Henry in their Title Match

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    On Sunday, Randy Orton will step into Hell in a Cell on a quest to win the World Heavyweight Championship and become a 10-time world champion overall.

    He has been on a skid as of late when it comes to confrontations with current champion Mark Henry, but as we saw on Friday night, it only takes one RKO to get the job done.

    Of course, before that, Henry proved his dominance, taking out Big Show and Kane without any signs of stopping.  He even delivered the World's Strongest Slam on The Great Khali.

    The dominance ends on Sunday as Orton will be crowned the new champion and here is why.

Progression of a Hot Storyline

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    Mark Henry and Randy Orton have developed a hot storyline as of late and with a PPV in three weeks time, it is only fitting to continue it until then.

    Sheamus and Henry could always feud, but Sheamus has a hot feud of his own against Christian.

    There is some chemistry between the two and this Sunday, adding the Cell aspect to the storyline will make this feud better and better.

    By making Orton champion, it will prompt Henry to challenge for a rematch, which will bring us to Vengeance in three weeks.


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    Randy Orton competed in his first Hell in a Cell contest in December 2005 against Undertaker. Though he was not successful in that match, we knew that Orton was here to stay and he has been in the main event picture ever since.

    Orton is 2-1 inside Hell in a Cell, defeating John Cena and Sheamus respectively in the last two Hell in a Cell PPV events.

    Henry has not competed inside Hell in a Cell so Orton knows the confines a lot better than the champion, which will work to Orton's advantage as he will likely have more ideas in terms of moves and ways of using the cage during the match.

It's Randy Orton

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    Orton is one of the most recognized wrestlers in the WWE and some may say he's on the same level as John Cena.

    Either way, he is easily the most over superstar on the Smackdown roster (besides Undertaker, who is currently off TV) and to have him lose two PPVs in a row isn't great for his character.

    It might be good for progressing Mark Henry's monster heel character but you don't want to destroy a man's character for the sake of another. Having Orton go over Henry won't destroy Henry's character, hell, it will show that Orton is ruthless and Henry can take a huge beating and still come back from it.

    Henry is not Umaga (RIP), Henry can come back and be better as we head on the road to Survivor Series.

    What do you think?

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