Best Quotes By Beaver Fans at The Civil War

KyleCorrespondent INovember 30, 2008

I actually was at home watching it on TV. But a friend who was there told me he heard all these statements...

15. Who’s this Masoli guy? I thought they only ran the ball. Apparently our coaches thought so as well.

14. Okay throw the roses away. Anyone have sunflowers?

13. Well with only a few more touchdowns the game could have looked respectable.

12. It’s just not fair being forced to tackle one on one.

11. Our third-string running back is as good as Oregon’s Johnson and Blount.  Quizz Rodgers is also the next Barry Sanders.

10. In my opinion John Canzano is one of the best sports writers in America.

9. I always complained that we need to market our team like Oregon does. Now I’m glad we don’t.

8. Phil Knight totally bought off the refs.

7. Phil Knight is the only reason they are winning.

6. Phil Knight totally bought off Mike Riley.

5. Honestly, I’m not paranoid of Phil Knight.

4. In my opinion, we’re still a pretty underrated football team.

3. I still don’t think beating USC was a fluke.

2. I’m confused, I thought The Oregonian told me we’d win because blue collar teams that work hard work hard and play gritty will never lose to stylish primadonnas that only care about publicity and don’t ever accomplish anything on the field.

Best quote overheard:

1. Honestly, I didn’t care about making it to the Rose Bowl.

Anyone overhear anything else?