Cleveland Browns Offensive, Again; Lose to Colts Despite Impressive Defense

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent INovember 30, 2008

The Browns lost today despite some truly surprising statistics.

Had you not seen the game, the following stats would surely mislead you. Peyton Manning threw for a whopping 125 yards. He had no touchdowns and two interceptions. The Colt's running back, Addai, only rushed for 57 yards and turned the ball over on the first play of the game. Cleveland's defense allowed only three points.

How can you lose a game when your defense holds the Colts to those anemic numbers? Easy, you have Cleveland's offense. This team has had a tendency to show up on only one side of the ball for games. When the offense performs, the defense doesn't....and the opposite occurs just as often. Still, it was a nice showing by the defense.

As a true fan of this depressing team, I don't really wish for wins the remainder of this season. Wins will serve no purposethey lower the draft picks and maybe fool ownership into believing that things aren't as bad as they are. I accept the loss happily and enjoyed the play of the maligned defense. The young linebackers may end up being good.

Several thoughts came to me during this game:

The defense needs less than many think.

I'm also concluding that Jamal Lewis is at the end of his career, and not worth his next year's salary. I respect Lewis but have noticed his hesitation when he reaches the line of scrimmage. He's not hitting creases as fast, or with as much authority, as he once did. I'm hoping the organization realizes this, too.

I'm taking solace in the firm belief that the people who I want gone are helping my opinion with their play. Has Kellen Winslow, Derek Anderson or Donte Stallworth helped this team's lot? I'd like to see offers for Braylon Edwards entertained, but this probably won't happen. Maybe Braylon will recapture his ability to catch, but I fear that he won't.

I will keep hope alive. The Browns will have money to spend next year, a much friendlier schedule and, perhaps, a coach who can motivate these underachievers.