Pacman Jones No Longer the NFL's Dumbest Player

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst INovember 30, 2008

As a Giants fan, I've come to look at Plaxico Burress as a recent hero. After all, he had not only caught the game winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl 42, but he had a Pro Bowl season last year while playing with an injury the whole season.

So, when the Burress had his recent troubles earlier in the year, I tried to look on the positive. When he got suspended, I said at least he isn't injured. And when he got injured last week at Arizona, I figured at least he didn't get shot. Well, now I'd like to say at least he's alive, but due to that trend, I don't want to jinx him.

So, what nightclub was he going to that was so gangster that he needed a gun?  You know what, back up for a second. If the club was so dangerous, why go there in the first place? You caught the game winning touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. 

Any establishment in New York would beg to have you there. Oh wait, did you and Antonio Pierce plan on going hunting after the club?

With all the money Plax is making, which will probably be reduced in light of this, can't he hire some other people to hold his gun for him? Or better yet, carry their own guns?  And if you need to have the gun on your person, there is a thing called a safety. Or is using that not cool?

The Giants really should have seen something like this happening. Sure, shooting yourself is a new one, but Plaxico's recent pattern of behavior just foreshadowed this.  Coach Tom Coughlin should have confined Burress to Giants' Stadium for the rest of the season, only letting him out to practice and play in games. Other than that, there should have been a big bubble around him at all times.

The question now is what will Roger Goodell do to him. I mean, what discipline is there to hand out exactly? He shot himself. There's a difference between violating league conduct and just being an idiot.

But what else can Plaxico do to himself now to continue his path of self-destruction?  It's pretty hard to top shooting yourself. If only he could shoot himself in the brain to wake it up and start making some common sense.