No Football to be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst INovember 30, 2008

Besides turkey, stuffing, and fights with your relatives, football has been one of Thanksgiving's most celebrated traditions.  But the games we saw on Thursday could hardly be described as football.

We all knew the Detroit Lions would be slaughtered.  What I wasn't counting on was the network actually switching away during the National Anthem to commercials.  Are the Lions really that bad that the broadcast gives up on them during the "Star Spangled Banner?" 

Now maybe some of your feeds did not have this problem.  Ironically the commercial that came up was a car commercial.  Seeing that the Lions are owned by the Fords, could it be that ownership just said "We need to make sure people see our commercials before the game is out of reach, which will be about kickoff." 

That would be close to correct.  On the second play of the game, the Lions fumbled, and the second play of the Titans drive, they scored.  At least Lions fans can take comfort that they didn't turn the ball over on the first play from scrimmage.

Wearing their throwback uniforms (not really to remember glory days, they've sucked for 50 years), the only real scoring they could get is when the Titans themselves made a mistake and fumbled.  The Lions player who recovered it (can't publish his name since all Lions players have asked to remain anonymous) tried to take it to the end zone, but alas fell just two yards short.  It was as if he had forgotten what to do with a fumble recovery.

On the plus side, the Lions did not surrender a second half touchdown.  But neither did they score anything.  It got so bad that the Titans even put Vince Young, yes, that Vince Young who questioned whether or not he still wanted to play football, under center.

I think they should have gone for the jugular and put a retired Steve McNair in at quarterback and see what he could do.

The Lions even resorted to putting in Mr. Baseball Drew Henson at quarterback.  I'm sure what he had to be thankful for was that he didn't have to play the whole game.  Meanwhile, I'm sure Daunte Culpepper sat on the bench wondering why he came out of retirement.

What was interesting, i.e. hilarious was that even with the game decided and put away, Jeff Fisher challenged a Lions reception in bounds.  With their victory margin at over thirty points already, what purpose could this challenge have?  I mean, can't you give the Lions something?  Luckily, the refs saw it that way and probably didn't even look at the play again and just took pity on them.

With the final score of 47-10, I figured the other games had to be better than this.  I was wrong.  Sure, the other ones weren't as big a blowout, but there was no humor or entertainment in them.  I mean watching the Lions has gotten to be like watching a tape full of football follies. 

But one thing Detroit can be proud of is that they actually put up more points than Seattle did in their game against Dallas.  That's got to be the final nail in the coffin for Mike Holmgren's final season.  When you get outscored by Detroit on the same day, you know you're making the right decision by leaving.