WWE Hell in a Cell 2011: Reasons Why John Cena WILL Lose the WWE Title

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIOctober 1, 2011

WWE Hell in a Cell 2011: Reasons Why John Cena WILL Lose the WWE Title

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    Hell in a Cell appears to be a pay-per-view that is rushed and understandably so. It is only two weeks after the Night of Champions and that is only four shows to establish any momentum and impact going into the PPV.

    With that said there was not a lot that could be done to build up any of the matches on the card. Many titles will be defended at Hell in a Cell and many are predicting not a lot of changing will take place and most, if not all, titles will be successfully retained.

    I do not think this at all.

    The WWE title picture got interesting the moment CM Punk was reintroduced into it in favor of continuing the on-going feud between Triple H and the locker room. It was a great trade and both pictures have gotten interested since than. With two great storylines on RAW, the show appears to be improving more.

    Still with all of that said what does that have to do with John Cena losing the title at this week's PPV Hell in a Cell?

    The only way to find out is to continue reading on. With that said, let the slideshow begin. 

He Was Not the Answer to Better Ratings

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    There was a story out there that stated the only reason why John Cena was given his record-breaking title was because of an attempt to improve ratings.

    Ever since his win, the ratings have done slightly better but it has shown that John Cena is NOT the reason why. Any time CM Punk has been part of the picture the ratings have gone up. Even Alberto Del Rio can says he gained more than John Cena with over 500,000, despite that Hugh Jackson was next afterwards.

    Despite that he still drew more than John Cena did. 

    While John Cena may be the work horse and has done well in doing that for WWE he is not the answer to WWE's ratings problems. WWE has shown that they will change the champion based on ratings and at Hell in a Cell I can see them doing it again.

    It is not out of the question, and while it will not be the sole reason for the change it is one of them. 

October Is Here and So Are the Mexican Shows

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    It has been no secret in the WWE that WWE has wanted Alberto Del Rio to become a great champion. They handed him the Royal Rumble, gave him the main event at Wrestlemania, multiple title shots after that and the MITB.

    To say he has not accomplished a lot would be a lie in many senses. One of the reasons that WWE wanted him to be champion was because the Mexico shows are coming and it is one of their biggest markets.

    The Mexican audiences and crowds are always one of the wildest WWE performs in front of. Alberto Del Rio is Mexican and why not have one of their top superstars be champion in front of his country?

    It would be the first time that a Mexican star would be in his home country as the WWE champion and it is said that Alberto Del Rio is looking forward to it.

    The draw it would bring for WWE is too tempting for them to deny and there is no real reason to not have it that way. It would be a sweet homecoming for Alberto Del Rio and a great business day for WWE. 

Survivor Series Is Right Around the Corner

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    Survivor Series may not be until November 20, 2011, but WWE needs to start building toward it early.

    Two months is the most perfect time to do it, because after John Cena loses his title he has a rematch clause. That would take place at Vengeance, chances are, where he would lose again to Alberto Del Rio and that is when The Rock would be introduced if he has not been already. 

    These two are on a the same team and that means the chemistry between the two must be built up again and WWE knows one month (four shows) is not enough time to do so.

    Both these stars are too big to give little time to and if WWE wants to execute this properly, time must be given and having John Cena being a target with the WWE title is only a distraction for the creative team to have to deal with. 

    It makes sense to take the title off John Cena now so they can get him out of the WWE picture as fast as possible and build The Rock and John Cena overall picture as soon as they can. If they don't, a proper build up will prove difficult for them.

    One last thing, even though it does not mean much at all, I do not see the WWE title on John Cena in the picture.

    Potential sign? 

The WWE Plans on Pushing CM Punk Even More

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    In recent stories and rumors on both Bleacher Report and Wrestling websites it is said that WWE plans on having CM Punk continue his hot streak with Alberto Del Rio via single matches.

    That is already an indication that John Cena will not retain the title and it will be put on Alberto Del Rio or CM Punk. With the Mexican shows coming up I already indicated that it would be Alberto Del Rio taking the title. 

    CM Punk was taken out of the Triple H angle in favor of getting back in the title picture. Like I mentioned earlier in the slideshow, it was a great move as it gives RAW currently two great storylines for the show.

    With that said, the chances of John Cena realistically speaking are not strong at all and WWE only wanted to see if John Cena really does draw big for them. While he does draw, it is not well enough to make a huge difference for them.

    It appears WWE wants the title to go in a different direction and John Cena is not in it. Not that he will not be busy; he has The Rock for many months to come. 

    Not a bad consolation prize is it?

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