Alabama Destroys Auburn in Iron Bowl 2008, 36-0!

Ren C.Correspondent INovember 30, 2008

It was a rainy-cold day at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  The Crimson Tide fans,rolled into Tuscaloosa;preparing for the Iron-clad battle,with cross-state rival,the Auburn Tigers.

Seniors were honored for their exceptional team effort by Coach Nick Saban and the entire University of Alabama family.

Greats honored included: Siran Stacy, Steadman Shealy, the 1978 team that went onto become the national champions with the Legend, Coach Paul William "Bear" Bryant, at the helm.

Bryant-Denny was electrified by the sounds of the fans, Aubie, Big Al, the Million Dollar Band and the Auburn Band.

The Iron bowl began with Alabama deferring to receive the ball in the third quarter. 

The kick off, Auburn's turn.  They made a valiant effort, but could not get the football into the end-zone.

Alabama didn't get the ball into the end zone either on the first possession.  The Iron bowl was officially ON.

The game was deafening in noise levels, the Tide Fans intent on making Coach Saban PROUD!

Alabama goes into the locker room at halftime ahead of Auburn.  And the bands played on.  It was electric and had all the appearance of a Bowl Game. 

Sportsmenship!  You know that you are in the South, and at the Auburn/Alabama game when you see Alabama players helping Auburn players up off the field and vice versa; it is a part of Southern Hospitality that sets the South apart from the rest of the world.  There is nothing like it anywhere. My hat's off to both teams for being gentlemen warriors rather than mean spirited, UN-sportsmanlike ninnies.  Thank you to both Alabama and Auburn for remaining gentlemen.  We do love it when you guys make us proud.

As for the game's score.  Well,you all will read the play by plays and the stats.  Final score Alabama 36 and Auburn 0.  Coach Tuberville got his seven answered. He has been holding up seven fingers, since Auburn's last game, counting down to the Iron bowl. But it was not the seven fingers Tuberville wished for.  Rather, he got seven losses handed to him. 

Coach Nick Saban got the prize that his players kept their eyes on.  Twelve wins with zero losses on the regular season for 2008.  And they now set their sights on the SEC game with Florida Gators as opponents.

Many, many things rolled through my mind as I watched the Iron bowl.  My mind wandered back to Steadman Shealy.  With everything on the line in 1978, the Tide punched past Auburn to roll on to the Sugar bowl and and that famous game with Penn State. The goal line stand by the No. 1 defense in the nation to win the national championship.

They kept telling the Alabama Crimson Tide that they couldn't do this.  That they did not have what it takes.

The Tide's reply is simple.  "Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep your focus on every game. Keep it simple, keep it true.  Live each game, play each game like it was your last day on EARTH.  Live this like you were dying."


Winning isn't everything.  But here in Alabama, it comes pretty close.

God bless you and your family, God bless the Crimson Tide, God bless the Tigers.  And God bless America.


*On a fashion note, from your BR Fashion Major, my pick for Iron bowl 2008 Cheerleader uniforms goes to: The Alabama Crimson Tide Cheerleaders.  They chose, smart, figure-flattering uniforms for the Battle for bragging rights.  The Auburn Cheerleaders need to take those unflattering, wrap the body-striped uniforms, and shove them out the nearest airlock.  They did nothing for the Auburn Ladies, and made them look double wide. 

Ladies, always remember.  Stripes that go around the body, makes one look huge.  Stripes that go down the body, makes one look slimmer.  And on camera, you want stripes going down the body, because cameras add ten pounds to you.