Manchester City Takeover Proves Why Bleacher Report Really Matters

True BlueCorrespondent INovember 29, 2008

Over the last few months my distrust of the media, certainly the sports reporting on TV and in newspapers has grown.

There seems to be very little in the way of values led journalism. If a reporter has a hunch nowadays it is very likely to be a guess or even be a complete fantasy.

What makes matters worse is that the feeling that editors don't edit any more. I would like to be a fly on the wall when the hacks get together and discuss their many and varied stories.

"So you can back up the story that Lionel Messi is moving to Barnsley then?"

"Of course!"

"OK, so unnamed sources claim.........."

Over the last several months it has become increasingly obvious that there is very little in the way of real factual reporting, certainly a complete lack of in depth, accurate commentary.

When it comes down to it the big stories are reported very much after the fact. The rest of the content is vague tittle tattle and muck raking, something that unfortunately is followed by far too many sports fans.

The situation at Manchester City over the last two years proves the point perfectly.

Firstly the takeover by Thaksin was the start of a vicious, rumour led campaign in some parts of the media which culminated in reported "facts" such as the players having to bow to Thaksin—NOT TRUE—there was an avalanche of similar nonsense reported as fact until he instructed his legal team to put a stop to it all. And stop it did.

In the UK if a report is true and factual then it will be reported, but if it is rubbish it can be stopped.

The sale of the club to the new owners from Abu Dhabi wasn't even sniffed at in the media but once it was announced the rumour mongers were assigned with glee.

Since then we have had the same old nonsense regurgitated.

If you were to follow the facts then the new owners have done nothing but express their admiration of the youth set-up and the young players it has produced and continues to produce. They have offered their full support to the manager, Mark Hughes, without even a hint of any other agenda.

In the early days of the new regime they sidelined anyone who made outrageous claims about future transfer targets and short term expectations.

In essence the new owners and the board they have put in place are working in a measured and professional way.

But that gets in the way of the story being generated by the press where they paint a picture of a crazed billionaire owner who knows nothing about football or business and is simply overburdened by his massive wealth.

The actions of Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan are being ignored as they don't fit the pre-conceived reporting style the media has towards the mega-rich.

But that's where Bleacher Report comes in, as all of us here do things differently, and offer ourselves up for praise or criticism from those who read and comment on articles.

Our jobs don't rely on another scoop, be it real or imagined, and the circulation of BR doesn't need to spew forth 24 hour rolling nonsense to satiate the appetites of the feeble minded.

So if you want to know what the real story is set Bleacher Report as your home page.