The Last Emperor Vs. The Spider: A Dream Matchup!

mike harvey Contributor IApril 9, 2017

It seems like every MMA fan loves to talk about the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. We have a great fight coming up on Jan 31. Just in case you've been living under a rock, we are all going to be treated to B.J. Penn vs. Georges St. Pierre 2.

This is an example of two fighters making a super fight happen. B.J. is proving that he is not afraid to move up in weight and fight a seemingly untouchable champion. GSP would have good reason to try and avoid this fight because he has more to lose than gain.

If he wins people can make the argument that he should win because he's much bigger than Penn, and if Penn wins, then GSP will be looked at as a welterweight that let a lightweight step up and beat him. However, GSP, being the professional he is, took the fight without hesitation.

So am I the only person that can see a fight between Fedor and Anderson Silva as a reality? I think most people would agree that in any discussion that involves the best fighter pound for pound, Silva and Fedor are at the top of the list. 

In fact these two fighters are most likely Nos. 1 and 2 on everyone's list. So why can't we get this fight? Anderson Silva looked great when he fought at light heavyweight and from what I hear, he walks around around 210-220lbs; after all, he is listed at 6'2". 

Fedor is a machine and most people are quick to comment on his physique, or lack there of, and the fact that he is not the most intimidating fighter when it comes to looks.

Fedor is listed at 6'0" and is probably closer to 5'11" and weighs 233lbs. One benefit of being a heavyweight is that your average fighter in that division doesn't have to worry about making weight. It is safe to assume that Fedor doesn't cut weight before his fights, and if what I hear is true, without cutting weight, Silva is a natural heavyweight.

In fact, I couldn't tell a difference in him when he fought at 205 from his normal fighting weight of 185. That's probably because when he steps into the ring as a middleweight, he probably weighs 200-plus, which is not uncommon in MMA.

I could understand Silva not wanting to fight at heavyweight because he would be a small heavyweight but he looks as big as any other fighter at 205. So why can't Fedor drop 28lbs. and fight Silva at light heavyweight? Fedor has 28lbs on his frame to lose and anyone can see that.

Fighters like Couture, Shamrock, Ortiz and Griffen have larger frames than Fedor and they all make 205. What MMA fan would not go to any length to watch this fight? I truly believe that this fight could happen if we, the fans, demanded it. 

Dana White, you are indeed a smart man, so I know you've thought about this if I have. If you really want to bring MMA into the mainstream, this would be a great stride. I really couldn't care less where the fight took place or what organization put it on.

Come on MMA fans, let's let our voices be heard.