Alabama Fans Upset Over My Auburn Pick

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent INovember 29, 2008

It appears some Alabama fans took it personally when I picked Auburn to win. Obviously my prediction was incorrect, but it is not being wrong that I am mad about.

It is the fact an Alabama fan took it upon himself to completely blast me picking Auburn to upset Alabama.

You can read the article in which I predicted Auburn to win by clicking the following link.

Before I go on I would like to say this, I have met several Bama fans on Bleacher Report and I think several of them are as good of people as you can come across.

If you read my articles it is easy to assume I dislike Bama. Granted I am a LSU fan, but I am also a fan of College Football, and if anything I respect the passion fans have for the game.

Now let me get back to the Bama fans who do not like my articles because apparently I live in a fairy tale and I do not base anything I write on facts.

The following is from Phillip who is a Bama fan. He posted this on the article I linked above.

You write like a 10 year old talks. "Bet the life savings on it", and "Guarantee LSU beats Bama". You write from the perspective of a fan, a hater. Using logic and FACTS (something you ALWAYS forget), there was absolutely NO reason to think Auburn could possibly win.

They should have lost to Mississippi State (3-2 win), and Tennessee (they had 5 possessions in Vol territory and could not score). They should have been 3-8 going in, and you actually had the nerve to think they could beat a team who had led for 690 minutes and trailed for less than 30 in 12 games?

Again, as I said, your writings are FAIRY TALES, something you WISH could happen, based on ZERO FACTS. I made a 20-point minimum prediction for the Tide win, and was right on again. Reading your ramblings is comic relief, nothing more.

Well, Phillip, I guess if you want facts I should not waste my time writing articles for this site because you can go to and view every stat you want on any team you want.

According to you, the game is played on paper. According to you, there is no reason to play the game because the facts dictate who will win.

Based on your logic, Phillip, Alabama should not even make the trip to Atlanta on Saturday because Florida already won the game.

If you don’t like my style of writing then fine don’t read my articles but don’t call me out and tell me I write like a 10-year-old. Yes I predicted Auburn to win and it didn’t happen but it is funny how you waited until after the game to come here and blast me.

Well pretty boy, based on facts you knew Alabama was going to win but you sure did wait until the game was over.

My advice to you is to not get so upset over other people's opinion and second of all don’t live the rest of your life based on what has happened already.

For some reason, I bet you think Alabama will beat Florida but again I have to tell you that based on your logic it will not happen. You need to take off the Crimson Red & White glasses off. Yes, Alabama is a good team, but you will be disappointed soon.

Thanks for reading my articles, Phillip, and I am sorry you will not be reading anymore of my articles but I guess I am not boring enough for you to enjoy.

Have a great day, cowboy.