TUF 14 Episode 2: B/R Featured Columnists Debate Team Bisping and Team Miller

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2011

TUF 14 Episode 2: B/R Featured Columnists Debate Team Bisping and Team Miller

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    Spike TV’s final season of the Ultimate Fighter is airing on Wednesday nights, and there are no two people more excited for it than Bleacher Report featured columnists Vince Carey and Sal DeRose. 

    The 135- and 145-pound weight classes are the most entertaining in the sport, and to top it off coaches Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Michael Bisping are bound to create some drama of their own.

    DeRose considers Miller one of his favorite fighters of all time and Carey might be the only person outside of England to love Bisping, so expect some verbal assault from both writers to take place as the season goes on. 

    We hope to give fans a little insight and a lot of entertainment with this weekly blog that we humbly named Clash of the Titans. As always, hit us up in the comments section with questions or comments. 

Best of Both Teams: The Bantamweights

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    Vince Carey (Team Bisping): I started screaming at my TV when Bisping picked Louis Gaudinot first. Don't get me wrong; I think Gaudinot is an excellent fighter and deserved to be in the top four selected, but TJ Dillashaw was easily the best guy at 135. 

    Like I said last week, Dillashaw already has great grappling skills so putting him with Bisping is a perfect situation since he can improve his stand-up.


    Sal DeRose (Team Mayhem): I'll take Vince's pick here and say Johnny Bedford was the best bantamweight selected.

    Bedford was excellent all-around in his first fight to get into the house against Carson Beebe. Being the fourth pick overall of the bantamweights, I think Bedford is flying a little under the radar.

Best of Both Teams: The Featherweights

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    Vince Carey (Team Bisping): Diego Brandao looks like a killer, and the more he works with Bisping the more technical he will become. I think his stand-up is going to be a huge factor in this weight class, as long as he can stay off his back long enough to throw a few haymakers. 


    Sal DeRose (Team Mayhem): Steven Siler started off the show by beating the best featherweight to get into the house. I think Siler is a huge sleeper here and could win the featherweight part of the season. 

Worst of Both Teams: The Bantamweights

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    Vince Carey (Team Bisping): I like Louis Gaudinot, but really, first overall? With guys like John Dodson and TJ Dillashaw both out there, it doesn't make sense to grab who I thought was the fourth-best fighter in the weight class. Maybe Louis can prove me wrong, but I think he's the second-best guy on his team and was overvalued by Bisping.


    Sal DeRose (Team Mayhem): Roland Delorme was picked last for a reason. Out of all the bantamweights I feel like he is the weakest. But honestly, the bantamweights are all very competitive and very dangerous so this isn't really such a bad thing in my opinion.

Worst of Both Teams: The Featherweights

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    Vince Carey (Team Bisping): I don't know what Bisping and his coaches were watching, but Akira Corassani looked terrible in his fight to get into the house and had no business being picked over guys like Caraway or Siler.

    Akira gassed in his first fight, showed nothing all that impressive and fought a sloppy fight. I just don't get it.


    Sal DeRose (Team Mayhem): Justin Neace was the sixth overall pick and last week he barely pulled off a victory to get into the house.

    I think his tight win puts him in this category, seeing as I don't think he deserved it. He is on Team Mayhem at the end of the day and I do hope I'm seriously wrong about this.

Does This Win Prove Bryan Caraway Has What It Takes?

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    Sal DeRose (Team Mayhem): I think he doesn't, but he is still a good fighter. I think his striking needs improvement and that he probably relies too heavily on his ground game to get him the W. After all he was given a tough time by a guy who is suppose to fight at flyweight.


    Vince Carey (Team Bisping): He obviously has a killer instinct; you just wouldn't know it after watching his fights up to this point. He has finished 13 of 15 of his wins outside of the TUF gym and he actually did take out a pretty resilient guy in Marcus Brimage.

Does Marcus Brimage Deserve a Spot on the TUF Finale Card?

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    Vince Carey (Team Bisping): The fights so far have been insanely entertaining and it wouldn't be fair to guys who make it further into the competition if Brimage gets a fight.

    Unless almost the entire cast gets to fight on the finale, then Brimage should have to earn his way in.


    Sal DeRose (Team Mayhem): I feel the same way. I think Brimage, being already eliminated, kind of takes him out of the TUF 14 Finale card. Plus add in the fact that Brimage is actually a flyweight fighter fighting at featherweight, that should be more of a decision to keep him out of the finale.

Better Prank: Team Bisping's Song or Team Mayhem's Tire Prank?

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    Sal DeRose (Team Mayhem): Obviously I've got to go with Team Mayhem, seeing as the song wasn't even a prank; it was more of a disrespectful attack.

    It was a cute attempt though that song. They probably sat there for hours putting the lyrics together and thought "LOLOL THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD!"


    Vince Carey (Team Bisping): Your Mayhem love is making you delusional. Anyway, while the Bisping song was a bit over the top, it did show some planning and preparation went into it. Mayhem's prank was a bunch of jocks that were too lazy to put their equipment away.


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