WWE Hell in a Cell: Ranking the Effect Of Each Possible Win

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 1, 2011

WWE Hell in a Cell: Ranking the Effect Of Each Possible Win

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    With a lot of pay-per-view events popping up lately, the one that still stands out is Money in the Bank.

    Why? Because it was a great event and extremely memorable.

    This Sunday, WWE has another pay-per-view in store called Hell in a Cell.

    Hell in a Cell, at this point, is not looking like it will live up to Money in the Bank, but it could be possible for it to stick out as memorable.

    In order to make it memorable, WWE needs to allow it to make an impact.

    The best way to figure out if it will make an impact is to look at how much of an effect prospective matches could have.

    With four confirmed matches, I will look at the possibilities established by wins from each wrestler in the announced matches.

9. Kelly Kelly

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    Kelly Kelly has beaten Beth twice now, including once in Beth's hometown.

    If this time around sees the same result, the match will mean nothing. Why? Because we have already seen it.

    Kelly may become the future of the Divas division, but right now her reign is becoming tedious, because this feud with the Divas of Doom is going nowhere.

    With a Kelly win on Sunday, nothing will change or develop.

8. Randy Orton

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    If Randy Orton takes the title on Sunday, Mark Henry's reign will be over.

    Orton will crush every last bit of Henry's momentum and will have ruined the brilliance of their match at Night of Champions.

    A win here for Orton will make the World Heavyweight Title change hands, but that is the only change that will take place.

    An Orton win here would also crush the little momentum SmackDown has been showing as of late.

7. John Cena

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    This is not meant to hate on Cena—I'm simply saying that a Cena win Sunday will mean nothing changes in the WWE.

    Sure, there will probably be a screw job involved that will get CM Punk out of the way for Cena to crush Alberto Del Rio.

    At the end of the day, though, John Cena will still open Monday Night Raw as the reigning 10-time WWE Champion.

    But in order for the WWE to make an impact, they need to get rid of that aura of predictability that plagues Cena.

    The WWE must make Cena lose to create an impact in this match.

6. Beth Phoenix

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    This would have made much more impact last month. In fact, this would have been a gigantic win at SummerSlam.

    Instead, the Divas of Doom have lost a ton of momentum over the months as they keep losing one-on-one encounters.

    Still, if Beth wins, we will be witness to a new age for the Divas championship.

    Especially if Beth spends her first night as champion by creating a new belt that is less frilly and more respectable as a title belt.

    The Era of the Glamazon could make a huge impact on the WWE Divas division.

5. Christian

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    With all the momentum Christian has been losing lately, you would think a win at Hell in a Cell would help him, but in reality, he doesn't need it.

    Christian can easily take some time away from the title and rebuild his image. It might actually be the best thing for him to do so.

    While I would love to see him go over Sheamus, it just would not change much.

    Christian would still whine for another match, but he will never have a chance, character-wise, of beating Mark Henry in Henry's current monster title run.

4. Alberto Del Rio

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    Making Alberto Del Rio a two-time champion should be a big deal and make a serious impact on the WWE by creating a lasting impression for the company.

    The problem is he lost the title two weeks ago. In fact, he didn't just lose. He got dominated.

    If Del Rio wins Sunday, it will only mean he should not have lost the title in the first place. After Night of Champions, will Del Rio look like a champion if he wins?

    Most of us will probably be left with the memory of Del Rio tapping out to Cena, and a win will just make Del Rio look weak.

3. Sheamus

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    Sheamus has been on a tear lately. Since becoming a face, he has run through every challenge put in front of him.

    He is the only man to have beaten Mark Henry since Henry began his Hall of Pain.

    The reason Sheamus could make a real impact by winning Sunday is that he would become the de facto No. 1 contender for Mark Henry's World Heayweight Title.

    Sheamus versus Mark Henry would be a compelling feud that could elevate both stars further, and Sheamus would be a great test for Henry's reign.

    This is, of course, assuming Henry wins on Sunday.

2. Mark Henry

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    A win for Mark Henry would be a monstrous success for WWE. Not only would it validate Henry's title reign, it would show his win against Orton was not an isolated phenomenon.

    Henry has worked 15 years to reach this peak.

    If he wins on Sunday, the era of Henry will have truly begun in force, and we can probably expect this reign to go on for a long time.

1. CM Punk

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    Does this even need to be explained? The idea of CM Punk as WWE Champion is incredibly enticing.

    After all he has created over the past few months, this is a great and logical step forward for the former Straight Edge Savior.

    Personally, I would be dying to watch Raw with Punk as champion. It is something that could change the fundamental structure of the WWE.

    It might even begin a new era in WWE—we might see Punk take over for Cena as the face of the company while Cena feuds with the Rock.

    Maybe Punk will finally fulfill his promise from months ago and make the WWE Title look more like a championship for the first time in years.

A Night To Remember?

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    While this is my order of how much impact each win could deliver, there are other factors to determine this pay-per-view's success.

    Will we see returns from R-Truth, The Miz, Kevin Nash, or even Vince McMahon?

    Could we witness the collapse of the reign of Triple H as COO?

    Will WWE actually add some compelling matches?

    Will WWE waste time with ridiculous filler?

    There are so many factors that could make Hell in a Cell great or lousy.

    We will just have to wait and see if WWE is ready to create some change and controversy.

    What do you think? Will you be watching Hell in a Cell? Comment!