Los Angeles Lakers Roundup

Keith GrieveContributor INovember 29, 2008

Anyone happen to catch that Laker-Mavs game last night?

Anyone else notice another game the Lakers were trailing in and somehow come out with a win?

Yeah, I know they were at home and Dallas is a team that no one really knows what to expect from, but they were on a five game winning streak coming in.

Next up Toronto on Sunday. Let's see if this is a let down or Kobe and Company keep the business as usual mindset they seem to have so far. The Pistons game is the only exception I have seen. Any thoughts?

Speaking of let down, have you seen the schedule for the next week or so? After the Raptors come to town, they travel to Indiana, Philadelphia, and Washington before coming home to face the Bucks. They then take a jaunt to No-Cal for a game against the Kings before facing off against the Suns on December 10.

If this team is for real, then nothing less than winning all 6 of those games should transpire.

In fact, I see no more than three (counting the Suns) possible losses between now and the Christmas Day showdown with the Celtics. Mark my words, if they roll into that game with three or fewer losses on their record they will be in the NBA Finals.

Barring injuries of course.

Apparently Devean George, now with the Mavericks, used to open his mouth regularly while still with the Lakers that he couldn't wait to go to another team and lock Kobe down.

How'd that work out for you, Devean?

How about this rule: if you come from a D-III school, you are prohibited from talking any kind of trash to one the all-time greats? I think it's fair.

Andrew Bynum has a bone spur in his right foot. After hours of trying to find a San Antonio joke, I give up. (Spurs—get it?) He finished with a double-double last night, but as his spur goes so does the Lakers.

Remember in the Finals last year when they were all kinds of twinkie soft in the middle? Yeah, those days are a distant memory as long as Bynum's in there.

I did mention I can't wait for Christmas Day, didn't I?