WWE WrestleMania Outside of North America? The Last Word

Alex Guy@@iamatothaxContributor IIISeptember 29, 2011

WWE WrestleMania Outside of North America? The Last Word

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    Hello there, fellow Bleachers!

    I’m Alex Guy, and welcome to the fifth and final article in my "WWE WrestleMania Outside Of North America" series. If you haven’t read the first four entries and want to know what sort of topics I’ve been talking about, why not spare a few minutes to go onto my profile and get caught up on the previous articles in this series?

    For all of you that have been following the series, it’s time to draw some overall conclusions from what we have learnt. I’ve learnt some things from your comments and messages and I hope you have learnt some things from both the arguments I’ve put forward and the various suggestions I have made. From all of this, I’ve drawn five conclusions from the series.

    So let’s start putting them together!

1. More People Support the Idea Than Those Who Oppose It

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    When going back and reading comments from the series, it’s obvious to me that this idea has a lot of backing. I’m very glad that this is the case, and that many other people feel the same way as I do.

    Although the majority of the support comes from international fans, like myself, who have never had their "WrestleMania Moment," I also received a few comments from North American fans who would not mind WrestleMania being held overseas every now and again.

    This has been great to see and would certainty bolster the case put to the WWE for an international WrestleMania.

2. Wembley Stadium Would Be the Most Popular Venue

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    I couldn’t agree with this more, not just because it would give me the best chance of experiencing WrestleMania for myself, but because of the atmosphere I know a Wembley crowd brings to every event that is held within its confines.

    Also, having been to many WWE events in the U.K., I know that the fan base has a strong passion for the product, which they would undoubtedly voice on the grandest stage of them all.

    On the practical side, London is an easily accessible city from all areas of the U.K., Europe and other continents—with many travel options, accommodations for people on all budgets and a vibrant, colourful atmosphere available.

3. Buy Rates Would Be Down, but Not by Much

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    Of course, casual fans in North America are less likely to buy WrestleMania if it was moved to an afternoon slot in their time zone.

    However, it opens up buys from a greater number of countries who will have WrestleMania in their evening prime time slots. Granted, these countries will not have the population size or interest of North America, but it means that a large amount of the buy-rate deficit could be made up.

4. It Would Create a Larger "WWE Universe"

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    This is great from a business perspective for WWE, as this would inevitably lead to a greater ability to profit in the future while helping to make up some of that buy-rate deficit I mentioned in the previous slide.

    Looking at it from the fans' point of view, I think it’s always great to add new fans to support the company we love. It would ultimately lead to a larger amount of debate and wider range of opinions on the product, which we here on Bleacher Report love!

5. It Could Only Be Done "Every Now and Then"

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    "Every Now and Then" doesn’t really have a defined timespan, as people's opinions differ on this term. However, I think five years is an appropriate length of time to wait for WrestleManias that take place outside of North America.

    I also support the idea of sending one of the "lesser" pay-per-views (Over The Limit, Bragging Rights, etc.) to whichever country the WWE chooses to host a future WrestleMania. The process would "test the water" and judge what sort of reaction the event could receive.


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    We’ve reached the end of the road!

    I hope you’ve enjoyed following this series as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. I also hope that I’ve been able to open your mind to the possibility of holding a WrestleMania overseas. I don’t think the subject is discussed enough and the more people that talk about it, the better!

    Of course, if you have any comments about this article, past articles in the series, or future articles you’d like to see me write, the comment box is always open and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you for reading!